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Aug 17, 2008 04:39 PM


I've been anticipating the Cupcakery's opening for weeks. The second outpost of the Las Vegas cupcake bakery opened this weekend, just a few miles from our Frisco home.

I was sadly disappointed.

The cupcakes are $2.75 each (50 cents less than Sprinkles). They are decorated nicely, but not much better than high-end grocery stores' versions. The frosting is too sweet, and the cake is just cake -- nothing special about it and not as good as I make at home (and I'm no professional). When I was done eating, I didn't even feel as if I'd eaten anything, save the unpleasant sugary aftertaste of the frosting.

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  1. I have never understood the craze about cupcakes.

    I guess if Oprah says that a cupcake is good that starts a whole new food trend. Wonder if rice crispy treats will make a come back?

    I work right next to Sprinkles and think their flavors are not inventive enough for the pricetag. Doughmonkey, on the other hand, is worth the least they come out with some bold flavors and are willing to share their knowledge.

    1. Can you say thick, rich butter cream! I adore and praise butter cream!

      Texas Star Bakery on Harwood in Hurst has whimsical cakes, piss-elegant cakes, traditional cakes and CUPCAKES! FRESH CUPCAKES!! and quite a selection to choose from! right there! ready to be eaten!! Texas Star was excelling in cool cupcakes before cupcakes were cool!

      Displayed as a rainbow of color, the chocolate with chocolate butter cream was indeed delish as was the orange with orange butter cream - there were even little flecks of zingy orange zest in the cake. On the "also eaten" list is a beautifully cool and enticing lemon on lemon, strawberry on strawberry, fudge on fudge, white on white and spice on spice (my least favorite)......... restraint stay with me ! The cake portion is tender and moist, the icing, perhaps a bit too much for my liking, is rich and creamy - and in the hot summer months, it WILL melt if not kept in a cool space, ie, in the car on the drive to wherever!

      The bakery is in a quaint little shopping center just west of Norwood on Harwood. The great thing for me - concerning cupcakes - is that I don't often get a sweet tooth. When I do, it's nice to satisfy my craving for something like a buck and half, eat the whole of my purchase (no guilt evidence gone!), and be done with it.

      Texas Star Bakery
      499 W Harwood Rd
      Hurst, TX 76054
      (817) 282-2227

      *Note - By Sat, unless you have special ordered, their cupcake inventory can be VERY low. And I'm in complete agreement on the befuddling mystique of other boring, tasteless, high $$$ versions..