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Aug 17, 2008 04:39 PM

On the hunt for decent Jamaican/Caribbean food AND beignets

Been living in L.A. for over a year now and still have not found Jamaican/Caribbean food. I would LOVE some quality jerk, curried goat, plantains, pepper pot, meat patties, rice n' peas, that kind of thing. Any clues, Hounds?

Also, is there ANYWHERE in L.A. that makes/sells beignets? I mean the real thing, New Orleans style, hot and lumpy and dusted with powdered sugar. A woman cannot subsist on churros alone. Any ideas appreciated!

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  1. This first thread has other than Jamaican/Caribbean recommendations, but if you want good food the other suggestions may come in handy sometime.

    1. For Beignets, you can get decent renditions at either the Gumbo Pot (made with Cafe DuMond mix) or Bob's Donuts, both at the Third and Fairfax Farmers' Market.

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        I am certain that before Charles Myers sold The Gumbo Pot to his cook Clinton that they did NOT make their Beignets from the Cafe du Monde or any other mix. He made them from scratch. Can you imagine how many of those little yellow boxes of mix it would take for the quantity of dough they have to make every day? They did have those small boxes of mix for sale to customers. Also while I like some of their other items, Bob's Donuts does not make Beignets fresh and hot for each customer as does The Gumbo Pot.

      2. Ackee Bamboo for very good jamaican. Right off Crenshaw Blvd in Leimert Park.

        1. I really like Friedel Caribbean Cuisine in Studio City. Open Mon- Sat 11:30am to 10:00pm. Delicious food, incredibly friendly staff, laid back Caribbean atmosphere. Jerks, curries (incl curried goat), patties, etc. plus if you're dining with Veg/Vegan friends they even have a full page of their menu devoted to non-meat meals.

          1. The Grand Lux Cafe at the Beverly Center (corner of 3rd & la Cienaga) has New Orleans Beignets. They're made to order & served w/ 3 sauces for dipping. Yummy!