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Aug 17, 2008 04:24 PM

Thanks for the Sammy's Bistro tip in Talent

Based on the reviews I found on this message board, my wife and I made a reservation 3 weeks ago for Sammy's New Cowboy Bistro in Talent. The best we could do on a Saturday night was 6PM, but it worked out fine. According to the waitress, the room where we sat had been added to the original structure awhile back. We sat in what I presume is the bar. It lacked the atmosphere of the older part of the structure, but since the temperature outside was 108 degrees, and the part where we were was air conditioned and the other wasn't,we stayed where we were. Next time we go, I think I'll request the older structure. The food was really good. My wife had a ravioli dish with black truffled cows cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, and other ingredients we couldn't identify. It was remarkable. I had short ribs, which were, short ribs. Good, but not much different. This was definately a great idea, and we'll try again. The wine selections (no hard liquor) were very good.

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