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Aug 17, 2008 03:42 PM

The Boat in Arcadia

Ok, I see they are re-building the Boat Restaurant in Arcadia. Does anyone know when they will be open again. They had great burgers and huge beers with home fries for around 8 bucks. May be higher once they reopen but I would love to meet up with a few of you foodies (Play hookie from work) for lunch when they do.

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  1. That is actually unincorporated LA County, but they claim San Gabriel. Arcadia's border is a quarter-mile east. Not that it matters to most of us, but I've noticed my SatNav system gets cranky about such things, and often refuses to admit that any such address exists if I enter a municipality not recognized as a legal one. Increasingly important to those of us out trying to find can generally check on this, if there's some ambiguity about an address, by asking for it in Google Maps, since they apparently use the same mapping database.

    Anyway, I never made it to the Boat when it was still "afloat", though I often got some good whiffs from the exhaust fans while driving I'm certainly up for a meetup and burger. And I don't even have to play hookie!

      1. I never made it while it was afloat either, but I had heard reports of the boat menu being available at lunch at the northwoods inn, so the wife and I decided to give it a shot. It was ok, but I don't see what the big deal is about their burger. We got what were pretty obviously preformed frozen patties in an otherwise unspectacular burger for about the same price we could have paid for a better burger elsewhere.

        1. Well the Boat is open and the beer prices went through the roof!!! Almost 10 bucks for the large so a burger and beer has doubled in price. The Cod Fish dinner is still very good as it the red cabbage salad. It is very clean and totally updated. The big raise in prices and well lit dinning area is a turn off