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Aug 17, 2008 03:42 PM

baltimore, one meal only

I only have a sunday afternoon lunch in baltimore. Will I waste it at Cap'n Jacks?

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  1. Marcia, I wont pretend I am all-knowing, but I have never heard of Cap'n Jacks. You might want to browse some Blatimore posts to see which places are getting some buzz lately... Many people who come to Baltimore want crabcakes or steamed crabs & there are tons of recent posts on that topic.

    (Steamed crabs might not be a good idea if you are just passing though & cant get cleaned up afterwards)

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    1. re: foster

      I'm sorry it was captain James. what do you think?

    2. marciamarciamarcia, you need to give us so more to go on. What are you looking for, Baltimore crabs/crabcakes, high end, burger and fries, some sort of ethnic dive? Usually, whenever someone comes to Baltimore for one meal, and one meal only, I would suggest a bit of grazing at Lexington Mkt, but it's closed on Sunday. I think the second best thing to do--and not knowing our preference--would get over to Nick's in Cross Street Mkt for lunch. (While the rest of the mkt is closed on Sunday, Nick's remains open....) Of course, if you're not looking for food in the crab family, you need to give us some parameters.

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        I looked up lexington mkt and am very sad I will miss it but I will be eating at camden yards on saturday afternoon. sunday I would love baltimore crabs and crabcakes and oysters if possible. I have been looking at past posts and found obyckis and cap. James. both sound touristy and pricey. I don't mind spending the money if the food is worth it. I was hoping a local would give some advice. I have a car, it doesn't have to be in the city. thanks.

        1. re: marciamarciamarcia

          Captain James could work for you. The current Balto 'hound favs for crabs is usually either Costas or Mr Bills Terrace Inn. (You need to drive to both & I'm not sure if either/both are open on Sun.) There is a post somewhere around about getting crabcakes on Sunday, since most of the best places for the delicacy are closed that day, but it may give you some guidance.

          1. re: baltoellen

            Please don't waste your time at the Captain James crab place. Some family and I decided to try it out last week, and the service was slow (not the fault of the waitress, they were just understaffed) the crabs were very light, and more bad ones than there should have been (5 bad crabs in 2 dozen). They thoughtfully provided Old Bay, vinegar, and butter, except that the vinegar was white (bad) and the butter was very old margarine. When we asked if they had any real butter, we were told yes, and they brought out a nice big tub...of more margarine. Ultimately my Brother-in-law the hero ran over to Royal Farms and picked up some butter, but these are basic crab accompaniment.

            1. re: cbingel

              Crabs in Baltimore are served seasoned with old bay. Only out of towners ask for vinegar and butter. I would not consider either to be basic accompaniments. I have not had crabs at Capt. James, but am not surprised that they were light.

          2. re: marciamarciamarcia

            If you are planning on eating at the game on Saturday, I would walk to Lexington market instead. It is directly north on Eutaw Street (the street that runs along side the warehouse in the ballpark). Its only about 5 blocks. You can either eat there, or take the food with you and eat in the ballpark. If you can re-arrange your schedule and find an extra half an hour, do it. Def get Konstant's fresh roasted peanuts for the game!

            1. re: KAZ

              Great suggestion! And, I would say getting up a bit early on Sunday morning and make it down to the farmers market for breakfast and goodies to go....

              1. re: KAZ

                thanks for the advice. I will leave earlier on sat. and go to lexington market for the afternoon and then enjoy the game with my konstant's peanuts.

                1. re: marciamarciamarcia

                  You can search the board for recommendations inside the market, but here is a quick summary:

                  Faidley for crab cakes. Open to debate whether they are the best in the city, but they are definitely in the discussion. Usually the standard by which other crab cakes are judged. I REALLY like their coddies.

                  Pollack Johnnies: Polish with the works. Nuff said.

                  Berger Cookies: Quintessential Baltimore dessert. Plain vanilla cookies covered in dark fudgie goodness.

                  Krauss fresh turkey. If you go around the back, you can get the carved legs, wings and necks on the cheap. Great snack.

                  That should get you started. Have fun. Go O's!