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Aug 17, 2008 02:24 PM

Lobsters in South Boston

Having a craving and wondering where the CHs would go tonight for a real boiled lobster. Thanks!

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  1. Call Shaw's Market and have them steam you up a 2 pounder!

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    1. re: gyppielou

      I've never done that but I bet it would have been better than what I did. I headed to the Barking Crab, which was packed! I am assuming that was due to the Red Sox game? I then went to No Name. Such an experience! It was great for the atmosphere but the food was what you would expect.

      We then headed to LTK for dessert cocktails. I like it there. We were leaving when the fire alarms went off. As usual, no one left the building or moved. Don't know what the issue was but it was interesting to watch.

      Thanks for the advice. Next time I will probably stay home!!

      1. re: southie

        I'm south of you. I always check the tanks at the grocers to make sure they are clean. When I see a good price, I will often have them steam a half dozen to make lobster rolls for friends.

        If I am craving, I will just call my local grocer and have them steam me a 2 pounder, so I can relax, and knaw on the legs, savour the claws and finsih with the tail.

        I suggested this to friends staying in Copley Square. They ordered from Shaw's across the street and had a very romantic night in their river view hotel room.

        During the summer months, most grocers have a good turnover of lobsters in their tanks every few days. So they are fresh, they know the correct steaming time, have the equipment, and they end up perfect.

        I like LTK too. Had some great bar service there last year.

    2. A day late but next time you might try Yankee Lobster on Northern Ave. They have a retail and restaurant operation.

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      1. re: Fort Point

        Thanks! My craving wasn't sated with No Name. Perhaps I will try Yankee this weekend!

        1. re: southie

          You might also want to consider James Hook's, as they are now open for business again.


      2. Amhreins at the corner of Broadway and A street does a 1 1/2 lb w/bake potato , corn on the cob and watermellon for $18.95. Only problem although they say they are hard shell last time I was in they were soft shell.