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Aug 17, 2008 01:05 PM

Looking for an English style Sunday Roast

Does anyone have a recommendation for where I can find a pub that serves a great English style Sunday Roast, with Yorkshire puddings?!?!?


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  1. I went two weeks ago to House on Parliament (on, as you might guess, Parliament, just south of College on the west side) upon the recommendation of several people here and had their roast beef dinner. The sides were good (mashed potatoes, assorted veggies, yorkshire pudding, and bread pudding for dessert), but the roast itself was pretty disappointing. My partner and I ordered it rare and it came more medium-well, and the portion was surprisingly small (although the price for everything very reasonable). Service was pleasant, playful, and friendly.

    (I guess this is more of an anti-recommendation rather than a recommendation... sorry!)

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      Which places have you been where they are able to serve a roast to varying degrees of doneness? I'd love to know which places could pull that off since it has to be prepared in advance. I imagine that if a roast was cooked rare, it might continue to cook as it's kept warm until ordered. With the quantities they serve, it might be possible to have different roasts cooked to varying temperatures.

      I'd say give House on Parliament a try, tomgrrrl, it's a congenial atmosphere and the price is reasonable. Not sure if they would be exactly what you're looking for, and my experience is a couple of years old, but if you have a fierce craving, it was a great option for me the last time I had it, and you won't break the bank. Last time I was there the price was $13.95 which included bread pudding for dessert.

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        Well, the Keg for one. I, too, would assume that they would cook a few roasts to different degrees of doneness, which would vary throughout each roast, thus resulting in the possibility of serving a variety of tastes.

        Nothing wrong with House on Parliament, but I don't think most tastes run to medium-well and we were there right at 5:00 when the dinner started and the place was still fairly empty, so I can only imagine how well done that roast became if it continued to cook.

        Additionally, if you can't offer your patrons a certain level of doneness, don't ask them what they want and then serve them incorrectly; tell them what you can provide, so that if they aren't interested, they can order something else off the menu.

        I like a lot of things about House on Parliament, indeed, but if you're going for the roast beef dinner, know what you're getting into. I was only there once for the roast, and it wasn't what I was personally hoping for and I was thus disappointed. It wasn't cooked the way I wish and the meat did not strike me as fantastic quality. I'll definitely go back for burgers and other good grub, not to mention fantastic bread pudding (great price and excellent portion), but not for the roast beef. Other people may be happy with the roast, but they should know what to expect.

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          Actually, every time I've had the roast at the HoP (which is more often than I can count) I've always received it as ordered (rare). I think that you just had bad luck.

          By the way, the logic of it being too well done so early in the service is that you probably received a cut closer to the outside/end of the roast, not toward the rarer middle where they had not yet cut.

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            Why, oh why is it not letting me edit?

            Vorpal, I wonder whether chowhounders should wear some sort of identifying badge, gang colours or something. I was in when you visited the HoP. (There's a group of us that meet there every Sunday in the late afternoon.)

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              Were you out on the patio? I saw a group of perhaps six to eight there in the corner. I was with three other guys sitting in the middle of the patio area.

              It must have just been bad luck, then... everything else was superb - especially their bread pudding, which I dream of at night - so if I get another chance before I move, I'll give them a go again.

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                Chuck me an e-mail. Address is in my profile.

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                  It may not have been just your bad luck. I don't enjoy the food at HoP. Gets me beaten up on this board every time I say it, but there it is.

                  My Irish Grandma you can't. Unless you arrive close to closing time you should absoutely be able to get your roast the way you like it.