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Aug 17, 2008 12:54 PM

Vegetarian Restaurant in Philly

I am in search of a vegetarian restaurant in Philly. I am not a vegetarian but I am not opposed to trying a different kind of meal. I have been told Indian cuisine is mostly vegetarian but I have never been to one before so would have no idea what to order. Knowing my luck I would probably get the worst thing on the menu. Just looking for an all around good vegetarian meal. Hope someone can help. Thanks!

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  1. You're in luck -- we have a truly wonderful vegan restaurant called Horizons on 7th St (I think) just below South St -- I'm not a vegarian but their food is truly excellent. Their "cheesecake" is better than almost any real cheesecake I've eaten!

    1. I just tried Horizon's Vegan Cuisine a couple of weeks ago and it was amazingly good! I am a meat eater, but I went with a group of friends to celebrate the birthday of a vegan friend, and I didn't miss meat at all here. Everything was delicious from appetizers to main course to dessert. Even though you're just wanting a vegetarian meal, I think it's worth a shot for you to check out Horizon's.

      611 S 7th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

      1. Well, if you've never had Indian food you really should try it! Cafe Spice does a vegetarian Thali, which is a selection of 5 or 6 different vegetarian dishes. Thank you.

        1. New Harmony on 9th St in Chinatown is great, especially if you like Chinese flavors. The fried eggplant is tops. Wonderful hotpots.

          If you like rice, vegetable biryani is a good choice at Indian restaurants, as is saag aloo (spinach and potato). They do lots of cauliflower dishes too. The menus usually give good descriptions, and the buffets are sometimes labeled. If buffet is not labeled, ask!

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            Whoops - forgot to mention specific Indian recco's in my post above:


            Tandoor India Restaurant - 106 South 40th. Street - Phone: (215) 222-7122

            Sitar India - 60 South 38th St

            Navrattan Korma or vegetalble jalfrezi are usually good menu picks for veggie dishes ... in any good Indian restaurant.

          2. i highly recommend the jamaican jerk seitan (or any seitan dish really) at horizons.

            if you want to venture into indian food territory, my personal recommendation is that you can't go wrong with a paneer (cheese) dish. tiffin is hands-down the best place in the city, with locations in northern liberties and mt airy. if i were to plan my ideal menu (feast) for 2 it would be:
            apps: vege samosas, aloo papri chaat
            entrees: paneer tikka masala, malai kofta
            side: (actually listed as an entree but makes for a better side dish as it's not huge and not filling) tandoori vegetables. (IF you like smoked stuff - i'm a big fan)
            breads: get 1 garlic naan and 1 regular naan (or a roti, i'm a fan of those too!)
            drinks: mango lassi! it's a BYO, so if you do bring a bottle, with this type of food i'd recommend a sweeter white wine, like a gewurztraminer. i like the hogue one found in the domestic section at the wine & spirits store. it's not too sweet or thick and i think it pairs well with vegetarian indian food.
            the above menu should come to around $50.
   will have leftovers, but the best thing about indian food is that it tastes even BETTER the next day. you won't go wrong if you take a bunch of food home!!

            two other great vegetarian cuisines (depending on how strictly vegetarian you want - many dishes will use fish sauce) are thai and vietnamese. we have decent thai options in philly, and wonderful vietnamese options. let us know if you want recs there too!