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Aug 17, 2008 12:51 PM

ISO Romantic Restaurant for Anniversary on the Cape

My husband and I will be spending a week on Cape Cod for our anniversary and we would like to go out for a cozy romantic dinner. Since this is a special occasion we can afford to splurge a bit. Suggestions? Thanks so much!!!!

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  1. What part of the Cape? Cape Cod is nearly 70 miles long and many of us are only familiar with one or two towns.

    1. Where on Cape Cod are you staying? It is a penisula that is over 70 miles long. My suggestion for a cozy romantic dinner is the Bramble Inn in Brewster

      1. Sorry, we will be in the Buzzards Bay area (I guess not technically the Cape) but we plan to drive around and go to various towns so we don't mind driving a bit to get to a worthwhile restaurant. Thanks!!!!

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          If you are going to be in Buzzards Bay for the anniversary dinner you might consider the Cranebrook Tea House in Carver. Very lovely location on a pond
          Also in Buzzards Bay is the Beachmoor. I don't really consider it romantic but I have only been there for functions.

        2. Thank you! The Cranebrook Tea House looks lovely! Perhaps we will go there:) Are there any other restaurants that are a "must go". we are always looking for places to go...casual, fun, road stands, etc....bring it on!! Thanks so much!!

          1. The Chart Room in Cataumet is about 10 miles away from BB and a great place. Bit too crowded for "romantic", but great food. Lunch is susally a little less hectic