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Aug 17, 2008 12:40 PM

report - hot and spicy festival

there was a previously post, asking if anyone had been to this festival, but no one replied.
So, the weather was nice today and I decided to go check it out.
To say the least, I was not impressed. A few vendors selling plantains, goat, chicken vendor selling thai food and another vendor selling chinese.
There was also a tent where you could sample/buy hot sauces.
I had a plantain...took a lovely walk .....and stopped off at new york sub on queen west for an amazing pototoe burrito..LOL.
Not complaining...

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  1. I had some mediocre curry chicken from a jamaican place, and delicious shrimp cakes from bright pearl. these weren't spicy, but i will now make a special trip to bright pearl to eat them again.
    I bought some amazing spicy mango sauce/pickle for $5 from a sweet lady which will taste great on any meat.
    I was surprised at how small the festival was, and sorry I left before the iron chef competition.
    They were giving away milk, juice, and tums samples, and we sampled a lot of sauces, so it felt like we got some free food :) It was a fun afternoon.

    1. I was quite with the selection of food vendors. If I recall, there were 4 West Indian places, one Chinese, one Thai, one Indian, and one Latin. I had some West Indian, my wife had some plantain and samosas.

      My food was enjoyable but bland. Nothing there in terms of heat. Most of the vendors seemed to sell meal-size portions rather than smaller servings which would allow people to sample more of the cuisine. I was missing food like Cuban, Szechuan, Mexican, Hakka, anything African...

      I would love to see it become more like Night Market, where there are many more smaller booths selling smaller portions at higher volume. It keeps the crowd moving and is less of a cafeteria feel, where the booths themselves draw the community around. I would like to see the number of food vendors at at least the 20 mark, and approaching 100 would be fantastic!

      The other thing was the odd choice of using the main stage to do a participatory aerobics show - not exactly where my mind was with a full stomach on a hot sunny day.

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      1. re: SNACKeR

        i agree with you about the entertainment on the main stage...completely bizarre.
        i also agree that there should be more vendors...Im not quite sure why the participation is so small for this event.

        Cupcakez..where were the tums samples and juice samples. I completely missed those freebies!!

        I am looking forward to the vegetarian festival..which will have a lot more vendors but with that comes the crowds. Cant have it all...

        1. re: domesticgodess

          heh, I thought the Tums samples was pretty weird too! I was having those given to me before I had eaten...maybe next year they'll give out botulism antidote pills, that seems about as appropriate!

        2. re: SNACKeR

          "I was quite" = I was quite disappointed

        3. I went last year, was disappointed, and didn't return this year. There wasn't really much other than some mediocre food that I didn't really enjoy. There was, though, a churro vendor, which was great; the churros were delicious.

          1. it's coming up this weekend! any 2009 reports, was it any better?

            1. Yes? Hi! We did it the one time and it was the dumb and the super busy. You can make your own spicy festival by going maybe to the Kensington Market or the Taste 4th Sense on the Danforth.

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              1. re: Indianguy

                I hear Taste 4th Sense is closed, fyi.

                1. re: Indianguy

                  Ditto. If you enjoy standing in long lines to buy mediocre food, then this is the festival for you!

                  No? Goodbye!

                  1. re: haggisdragon

                    :( that too bad! Thanks for letting me know...