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Aug 17, 2008 12:29 PM

Dog friendly in Asheville?

Our fall trip to Asheville is still a couple of months away, but I'm making restaurant plans already (can't help myself). This time around we are taking our greyhound with us. It seems that many of Asheville's restaurants have outdoor seating, but how many are actually dog-friendly? Any suggestions?

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  1. You will find Asheville one of the most dog friendly places you can be in the South. Most restaurants that have outdoor seating will welcome your four legged friend. Some outdoor seating that is "gated" in will require that your dog be outside of the rail. Most restaurants around the Grove Arcade are friendly to dogs. There is also a good dog bakery down the street. You can even take your dog to the Biltmore estate, just not in any of the buildings. You and your pooch will eat well in Asheville.

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    1. re: carolmoonbeam

      Jon, I live in Asheville and cannot take my child to many of our fine downtown establishments because she is terrified of dogs. Just drive through downtown and look. You will find many places where your dog is welcome; however, that means my child isn't.

      1. re: leanpig

        Do these restaurants allow dogs inside their establishments? Otherwise, I'm not sure how this would be an issue as long as you chose to dine inside away from the doggie crowd. Unless the dogs obstruct the entrances?

        1. re: Low Country Jon

          That is the issue. They are usually tied to a fence or on a loose chain outside near the entrace.

          1. re: leanpig

            I might have a problem with this as well, especially if the dogs are not well behaved. To be clear, my wife and I would only be interested in places where we could keep the dog by our side. We don't believe in leaving her unattended.

            1. re: Low Country Jon

              Do be very aware of your dog. A few years back there was a woman who would deliberately provoke dogs to try to scam a cash settlement when they would lunge at her. This happened several time outside of Jack of the Woods.

              1. re: meatn3

                Dogs obstructing entrances to restaurants? Sorry, we have lived in Asheville for years, frequent downtown on the weekends, and I can honestly say I have never seen anything like this. May be coincidental that leanpig has seen this on many occasions, but I never have. I think it is a huge exaggeration to make it sound like this is a rampant problem.

                Anyway, we have a dog, and I would say that there are NOT a ton of places you could eat with one at your side. The Grove Arcade has three or four places, but they would not be my top choices for dining. (Carmel's, Chorizo, Modesto all get mixed reviews in my book). Mellow Mushroom has a large patio but I don't think they allow dogs. Same with Laughing Seed. You may want to check on those last two as well as Sunny Point.

                My advice would be to drop the pup off at one of the nice doggy day cares here (we love the one on Lyman/Riverside Drive) and enjoy your time in Asheville. There is a great dog park along the French Broad River where you could pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in the larger park that the dog run is in.

                1. re: miss piggy

                  Oh, I disagree w/ the doggie day care suggestion. We've been having pretty good luck dining w/ the new pooch.

                  So far, we've had lunch at Modesto, Chorizo, Sunny Point and Nine Mile w/ the dog. Each of these places except Modesto brought the dog a bowl of water w/out being asked. Of the 4, Chorizo and Sunny Point are the better choices food-wise. I noticed someone eating w/ their dog at Laughing Seed on Sat.

                  We also had drinks w/ pup on the patio at ....Old europe? is that what it's called on the corner of Walnut and Lexington? Beautiful spot for drinks, food mediocre.

                  And yeah, there's no way I'm leaving my dog somewhere I can't see what he's doing. Dogs in restaurants are a courtesy issue just like...uh...other hot-button things in restaurants. I tend to tip extra if my dog's with me, even though we make him behave, the server still tends to bring him water, step over him a time or two, make polite "nice doggie" conversation, etc.

                  1. re: danna

                    Thanks to all who have responded so far. Chorizo sounds promising, so we'll add that to our short list.

                    I noticed that Tupelo Honey, the Noodle Shop, and Bar 100 at the Market Place restaurant all have patios. Anyone know if any of these are dog-friendly?

                    Danna, I know just what you mean about dogs in restaurants being a courtesy issue. If anything, since adopting our greyhound last summer, I've become even less tolerant of dog owners who don't control their dogs in public places. After all, they give all us pup-parents a bad name, not to mention the fact that their dogs often seem inclined to go on the attack against our grey, who is such a sweetheart, she just looks on with a puzzled expression in her big, brown eyes!

                  2. re: miss piggy

                    I wasn't referring to dogs obstructing entrances. I was referring to a disturbing scam which was directed towards dog/owners. No responsible owner wants their dog to bite/attack someone. This scam tried to provoke that situation. Just a "be aware" warning - it is easy to be distracted, especially while on vacation.

                2. re: Low Country Jon

                  Jon, the restaurants that require that your dog is outside the rail mean that you are at a table directly on the other side of your dog. They are not out of your sight and are pretty much next to you, just on the other side of the rail. I have found that the majority of people that dine with their dogs are taking dogs that are well behaved, or it would be a downer for them as well. I found a website that might be helpful.
                  It lists many of the restaurants that welcome you and your dog.

                    1. re: carolmoonbeam

                      was eating at mayfels two weekends ago, saw a dog on the patio there.

          2. I think 'miss piggy' pretty much covered it as far as restaurants that will let your dog sit at your table. Asheville is very, very dog friendly, but restaurants are typically not part of that equation! I'm glad you found a pet-friendly place to stay as well. I work for Carolina Mornings and most of our properties are pet-friendly because we all hate leaving our own pets behind! :)

            1. The Admiral in West Asheville also allows dogs on their patio.

              1. Let us know how the trip goes - we've been thinking of visiting Asheville with our greyhound too!

                1. Usual Suspects, and the Asheville Pizza Company (both on Merrimon) allow dogs. Miss Piggy was right about the Mellow Mushroom not being dog friendly, but the Pizza Co. is better anyways. The Corner Kitchen in the Biltmore Village also allows dogs.

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                  1. re: hungry girl33

                    I would also like to add that we had a nice lunch at Chorizo yesterday and the kind waiter brought my dog a nice bowl of water and treats from Three Dog Bakery. He was happy and so were we.