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Must eat's in Dubai?

Hi Chowhounders --

I am headed to Dubai for the weekend this Thursday. I live in Doha but it's my first trip to the UAE. I want to make the most of my trip and go to the must eat's and drink's of the city. Any recommendations from you seasoned ME travelers out there?


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  1. Timeout Dubai (www.timeoutdubai.com) has got a pretty impressive list of places to hit on

    1. We had dinner at Budha Bar earlier this year. It is at Grosvenor House, and was great food, fab atmosphere.

      1. Hi - I'm also interested in finding out some chowhound types of places. I've hung out at buddha bar a few times in paris, no need to eat there in Dubai! I've been looking at a few tour books and sites - and the focus seems to be on "fancy" dining. I checked out Timeout Dubai.

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          See my Dubai/Abu Dhabi update post. Local food is a strange term since nearly everyone is imported!

          There's good cheap eateries but go there having had drinks or plan on them afterward!

        2. Dubai has a great variety of restaurants
          For authentic lebanese cusinine -- Al Mallah on Dhiyafah Street, has great shwarma, falafel, manakeesh
          Best steak- Definitely Manhattan Grille in the Grand Hyatt, do not miss the creamed spinach with veal bacon side
          Best Romantic- Pierchic in Al Qasr- absolutely amazing view of the Burj al Arab. The cuisine is mostly seafood, very up market. Food is excellent and definitely matches up with the view
          Indian/Pak- Ravi's on Dhiyafah, very homey, street type food...Chicken Thikka Inn has great Pakistani bbq, don't miss the behari kebab
          Chinese- great chinese/thai at Soy in Ibn Battuta Mall

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            So timely, as I know someone going there this week. Thanks. How are the prices?

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              There's a huge variation in prices. The cheap Indian and Pakistani places like Ravis (mentioned above) are incredibly cheap. same with many Lebanese/shawarma/kebab places. On the other hand, dinner in a highly rated restaurant in a 5* hotel will cost the same as the equivalent in any big city, if not more.

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              Not sure about PierChic being "most romantic", esp if you sit inside and don't get a good view. Food is pretty nice.
              Our favorite meal was at Tagine, One & Only Royal Mirage. About USD 100 for two including 2 glasses of wine. That is really good value considering you're in this hotel.


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                Well outside is very nice, also Pad Thai in Al Qasr h is nice

            3. The Delhi Darbar serves delicious Indian cuisine.

              1. you should see city my way website. they have a whole list of what u can do, where u can go, etc.

                1. I just came out of a business trip to Dubai and I would saw there's a lot of variety in this city.

                  There's so much to find in the old Dubai (Deira and along the creek) that's pretty amazing but it's hard to know what's great or bad. There's supposedly a foodie tour you can take to discover these gems. http://www.iliveinafryingpan.com/ . I'm tempted to go on this tour next time I'm in Dubai.

                  Since I went on business and with colleagues, I stuck to new Dubai and the usual touristy places. A few great places stuck out out though.

                  Mall of Emirates:
                  - Almaz by Momo for Moroccan food. I highly recommend the fattoush salad here. Wonderful bright flavours. Tagine chicken and the pastry with chicken and sugar is also a must have. The chicken was succulent and fall of the bone. The pastry had that awesome savoury and sweet blend that was unusual and memorable. I also recommend getting ALL the Morrocan cookies. They're so good.
                  - Pars Iranian food was pretty amazing in terms of value... for less than 85 dirhams, you get TONS of vegetables, rice, fresh pitas, and 2 huge skewers of chicken that were nicely spiced.

                  Dubai Mall
                  - Wafi Gourmet was my favourite place in Dubai Mall. Service was friendly and fast. They constantly replenished the table with freshly made pitas. The salads were large and flavourful and the grilled meats were succulent. I really enjoyed the hammour as well. Best thing about this restaurant is the outside patio. You can see the dancing fountain perfectly while eating.
                  - Special mention goes to Bateel cafe. Service was mediocre but I really enjoyed the date focused French desserts. The Arabic spin on French classics such as Millefeuille with dates, Eclairs with date mousseline, and Opera cake with pieces of date and date cream... amazing. I also loved the sticky toffee pudding and pecan pie with dates too!