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Aug 17, 2008 11:42 AM

Alexandria suggestions

We're visiting Alexandria and DC this upcoming weekend. We'll be staying at the Residence Inn Alexandria Old Town. Any suggestions? We're looking for more cheap to moderate priced meals (under $20 per entree). We enjoy steaks, seafood, Mexican, Italian, burgers, and pizza. Thanks for your help!

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  1. I really like A La Lucia for Italian, just north of Old Town proper in Alexandria. I'd also search this board for "Old Town" and you'll find a slew of good suggestions. There's also a fair amount of mediocre food in Old Town, so research and advice should help you!

    1. Nicely done American fare at Overwood on Lee Street, about two blocks north of King. Majestic for American with a decided southern slant. Eammon's Chipper for great fish & chips (but a small room, so if the weather's good, might be better to carry out and sit out at the City Hall Market Square for eating & people-watching). Las Tascas on King Street just west of St. Asaph for tapas. Oh, the Pita House on Cameron (or is it Queen?) at....Royal, I think, maybe Pitt?

      1. For Tex Mex I like Austin Grill just off King Street. It gets very loud and crowded and is is a local chain, if that matters. Another large, loud place is Union Street Pub. I think the food is reasonably priced and pretty good and it is a mix of locals and tourists.

        Le Gauloise is a French place on King Street that some people love, but I haven't been there is a few years.

        For seafood, I was recently at office functions at Chart House and the Fish Market. The setting for the Chart House is nice and the food was better than I remembered, although much pricier that I would choose to spend. The crab/mango stack appetizer was $13 and in much need of zing, but the ingredients were fresh and clean-tasting. I had a mediocre meal at the Fish Market, but that may have been the large luncheon party. Tepid fish is not great but the clam chowder is nice.

        If you have a car, I would go up Route 1 above Old Town and eat at the Afghan Restaurant which has a $8-9 lunch buffet that will keep you full for the day.

        1. They are so many restaurants along King Street, a short walk from your hotel on Duke Street (there is also a free trolley along King Street). Some of my favorites are Bistrot LaFayette (French but has a Monday "steak nite" also great mussels and fries) and Hanks Oyster Bar. Austin Grill has great fish tacos. Overwood is on Lee Street a couple blocks off King street and has a very broad menu of grilled meats and fish, salads, sandwiches, etc. Five Guys is a local burger chain and there is an outlet in Old Town (on Payne Street off King?). I don't eat burgers but many people I know who do, enthuse over their burgers.

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            With all the great choices in Old Town, skip Five Guys. But then I just don't get the appeal of that chain. You may want to check out what people on board have said about Le Gauloise now that has changed hands.

          2. I like Rustico, a little north of Old Town, especially for pizza (and a great beer selection).