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Aug 17, 2008 11:04 AM

Gandhi Mahal (Minneapolis, MN)

I know it's been mentioned before on this board, but I have to put my 2 cents in on the subject of Indian food in the TC.

I used to save my curry yearning for my NYC trips, having sampled the restaurants here and finding them wanting in either spice or heat, but I must say I'm thrilled to have Gandhi Mahal in Mpls---and in my neighborhood!

The decor is pleasing and the service excellent.
Nice enough for "date night" and welcoming for the casual diner.

Our server warned that the heat level might be amped up a bit for what we're expecting, but I found medium to be perfect, and my date was happy with the super-hot "bollywood".

They are working on a beer/wine license and I hope to be enjoying a Kingfisher with my korma soon!

They have a tabla player on the weekend, and are looking in NYC for a sitar player to import.
Hey, these little gems so they don't go the way of so many others we've loved and lost!

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  1. Not sure if this got lost or not. Places link:

    Gandhi Mahal
    3009 27th Ave South, Minneapolis, MN

    1. Last night, we found ourselves at a loss for takeout. Twice in the last week we had wanted to get True Thai but it happened to want it on Monday (closed for remodeling) and Sunday (closed). So after ruminating on the issue for a while I asked if the DH had any opinion on Indian, if I could find an Indian place that was close enough and good enough to fill the hankering.

      So upon remembering that a friend had raved,elsewhere about Gandhi Mahal I cross checked here and off we went to eat there. Ok, so we had wanted take out but I wanted to see what it was like before I agreed to it for takeout.

      So the locale, next to Midori's Floating World land around the corner from Town Talk and El Nuevo Rodeo. ENR is good to remember if you go later because parking, at least on the weekends, in the area becomes even tighter. Although if you get a window seat at any of the restaurants later in the evening you get a good view of trends in modern cowboy hats from passers by.

      The restaurant itself is restrained but elegant in it's decor. It felt comfortable.

      We started with the Yellow Dal Soup. It was tasty with layered flavors and lots of goodness.

      I had the Delhi Tikka Masala with chicken, mild. It was layers of flavor with perfectly cooked chicken. I've never had better before and was blown away by the complexity that I had, sadly, never seen before in this dish. It was a party in my mouth. There was chair dancing.

      DH, had the Moghul Sagwalla with Lamb, medium. He was very happy with it and what I tasted was good. He was very happy.

      We will be going back, and it will go into the take out rotation. We are really looking forward to cold weather when the heavier dishes will look more appealing.

      DH had the

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      1. re: frittering_away

        Thanks for the posts on this place- you are definitely letting me know I need
        to get there soon. I did go in once when I was just passing through the neighborhood and asked to look at the lunch buffet. I often do that the first time
        I visit a place that has a rep. for a good buffet. Pretty much always get a response of 'Sure, go ahead'. I have to say the host at Ghandi Mahal looked a
        little mystified, possibly a bit irritated at my request, but said ok. There were a
        ton of people and a ton of food- a very long line of serving dishes. And really,
        Indian food isn't that much to look at, maybe that was part of the guy's response- you're pretty much looking at red gravy and veggies and some
        chunks of meat. It smelled great in there too. Will have to go soon.

      2. wasn't pleased, though trying to get lunch on the tuesday after labor day may have been the real problem. we caught our server in a couple of fibs wrt freshness of food. decor was nice enough, most dishes were too sweet & seemed thrown together with the same sugary tomato-based "masala" sauce. the chai was served unsweetened though. aloo gobi was watery and seriously undercooked.

        more important, how. does. an. indian. restaurant. "run. out. of. dal?"

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        1. re: soupkitten

          I also had a disappointing experience, only mine was a dinner a week or so ago. Chole peshwari was too sweet, too heavy, and too cinnamon-y; the palak paneer that James Norton raved about was way too heavy/fatty and bland. The decor and service were both nice but I didn't think the place was any better than Taste of India SLP and its ilk. It seems like with Indian, we're stuck with a choice between great food with no ambiance and passable food with decent ambiance, and I'll always go for the former. Plus, Kabob's has its own sort of ambiance: watching customers going in and out of the Fantasy Gifts next door while waiting for takeout.

          1. re: vadouvan

            I got takeout from Ghandi Mahal this past Sunday. It was excellent...not mind-blowing, but solid renditions of classic Northern Indian dishes. And certainly worth the cost. (Two curries, rice, garlic naan, an order of samosas, an order of papadams - $35. Plenty of leftovers for the next day.) If you live in Longfellow/Seward, this is a great addition to the neighborhood options.

            1. re: vadouvan

              Sorry, I disagree.

              While my food here was not disappointing, I have to agree with vadouvan. I am sooooooo over the *11 dollars an entree* places when the entree consists of a handful of vegetables accompanied by a handful of rice. In comparison, you spend $20 at Kabobs and you are taking home quite a lot of food, even if you ate in! I have never had a bad food experience at Kabobs.

              These days especially I expect to get value for money, and I find most of the Indian restaurants here in the TC area don't deserve my business, based on both the lack of quality *and* quanity!

              A recent experience: I will recommend that people stay away from Chapati's in Edina but having just had the opportunity to eat at the Northfield location, I had to think that they have way better cooks there...