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Aug 17, 2008 10:29 AM

Where to buy cow brains

Does anyone know where i can buy cow brain in nyc

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  1. I'd try Deluxe Food Market at 79 Elizabeth St. in Chinatown. When we visit NYC we always walk through there even if we don't buy. I've never seen so many parts of so many animals!!! I'm sure I've seen brains there but can't remember what animal(s). It's an amazing store with fresh meat and seafood down the left side. Prepared foods on the right side and preserved (frozen, dried) down the center. I bought baby octopus there a few months ago and then had to figure out how to cook them :) Happy shopping.

    1. You could try authentic Latino markets as well. Look for "sesos"

      1. I occasionally see brain in Chinatown (not certain of their provenance), but find lamb brains also very common among halal butchers.

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          Hi JungMann,

          Do you know any halal butchers in Manhattan, particularly in downtown?

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            I know they exist because I have visited them, but I cannot recall which are better than the others. The ones I know center largely on Lexington in the upper 20s, though there is also another halal butcher on 1st Ave and 5th St, I believe.

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              Not too far from downtown Manhattan is Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn.
              Definitely full of Halal butchers

              Easy to get to from blue green or red line, or a short walk from Atlantic Pacific Terminal

              (apologies for off-area post)

          2. Deluxe Food Market that C Oliver mentioned definitely has both cow's brain and pig's brain in the freezer section. They sometimes carry fresh pig's brain. A few of the other smaller grocery stores in Chinatown (such as the one on Bayard) also have frozen cow's and pig's brain.