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Aug 17, 2008 10:22 AM

Seattle restaurant for vegetarian and omnivore

Hello, Seattle chowhounds.

My husband and I are visiting from New York City and have one night to try a restaurant in the downtown area.

We like all types of foods (prefer ethnic over Italian or American).

I am a vegetarian and my husband is an omnivore. Nothing too fancy or expensive just excellent fresh food.

Can you recommend a special seattle restaurant for us to try?

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  1. seattle is a virtual paradise for vegetarians (and vegans) as most restaurants, if not offering seperate selections, are aware enough to be able to satisfy your needs. for top of the line downtown dining, you cannot do better than union (1st/union) where i have had a vegetarian tasting menu of 7 courses served at the same table as an omnivorous version and both were spectacular. a bit more in the range of affordable provender would be steelhead diner (1st/pine). my vegan friends and i also enjoy the very funky and inexpensive fare at pan africa market (1st btw. pike/pine) for fresh, spicy food.

    1. Tango. is a Spanish small plates place with both vegetarian and meat offerings.

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        I also recommend Tango highly for pleasing both vegetarian and meat eaters.

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          And don't miss their signature dessert--El Diablo, recentlynamed one of the classic dishes of Seattle by a local magazine. Dark chocolate, chile, toasted almonds, caramel, and a soft meringue. Order just one and share.

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            matt's in the market would suit your request. if you don't need to stay right in the downtown area, sitka and spruce is wonderful.

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              From looking at the menu online, Matt's has no vegetarian options for entrees.

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                Sitka and Spruce is VERY meaty! As are so many of the best restaurants these days, like Union, which someone recommended above (I don't think they do the tasting menu anymore). And I agree, Matt's is not a good pick for a vegetarian.

                If you don't mind a short cab ride up to Capitol Hill, I'd recommend Olivar. It has it's own thread a little ways down where I rave about it. It has a very good mix of veg, seafood and meat options. And, it might be nice to get out of downtown and into a (nearby) neighborhood.


                You might check out the menus of some of the Tom Douglas restaurants, like Palace Kitchen or Lola. They have a good variety and you'll have a solid meal.

                1. re: christy319

                  As a pescatarian, I'd have to say that most Tom Douglas restaurants aren't good choices for vegetarians either. A while back at dinner at the Dahlia Lounge, the single fish entree they offered came on a bed of ox tail. I tried to order it without, and the server said "no, that's not possible."

                  However a server at Lola told me that the falafel is always available, whether it's on the menu or not. (and it's quite good, although not traditional).

                  Sounds like I need to try Olivar!