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Vietnamese in the Chicago area

So I just started dating a wonderful Vietnamese girl and I would like to suprise here by taking her to a Vietnamese resturant. Any suggestions?

thanks in advance...

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  1. My favorites are Le Colonial and LeLan.....my favorite being the former...Very romantic and good

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      Check this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/116556, a bit dated but still useful.

      I'd strongly concur regarding Mykha's in Glen Ellyn, particularly for special occasions.

    2. Le Lan is Vietnamese-French fusion - very good and quite expensive. Le Colonial is more mid-range, with good food and a pleasant colonial-period atmosphere (and a traditional Viietnamese menu). But if you want an inexpensive place, try Tank, on the corner of Argyle and Broadway in the city's Vietnamese commercial area. It's a large,bustling storefront (I think it's BTOB, but if you're interested you should check with them). I don't think you can go wrong at any of these three, but they're all quite different experiences (and price ranges).

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        Not to be confused with Tank on Lincoln, which is a sushi joint. But the locations of the two are obviously different - in terms of Broadway v. Lincoln, that is.


      2. My favorite is Hai Yen on Argyle. Not a fancy place, but phenomenal authentic and inexpensive food. My friend has an annual party for the Vietnamese New Year and always has Hai Yen do the catering.

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          I was at Hai Yen not too long ago - it's your typical low-budget, nice clean interior and does have really great food. There's an item on the menu that's basically a few different beef dishes, and I am still craving the beef soup. I wish it weren't so far from me!

        2. I would 2nd an above poster's rec for Tank Noodle on Broadway. One of the best meals I have had this year, I dream about the Pho.

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            I had pho yesterday at Tank noodle, for the first time in quite a while, and it was as good as ever. The broth, beef tenderloin and tendon were pretty good, but the noodles were among the best I have ever tasted. Well worth the 6.95 price tag. Tank has around 200 items on the menu.

          2. Sorry, I just posted this on another thread, but take her to Simply It in Lincoln Park! It's a family run restaurant where everything is super fresh and delicious. I probably sound like I work there... but I actually just really love the place. It's also kind of a romantic setting, too, a little quiet, so it might work really well for date night. And it's super cheap for such fresh and delicious food!!

            Simply It
            2269 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

            1. Since this thread has been updated, it's worth noting that Le Lan, mentioned by several folks above, has closed. Bill Kim, the most recent chef there, has since opened Urban Belly and Belly Shack.