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Aug 17, 2008 09:20 AM

Dry Pack Scallops S Palm/N Broward

Can anyone advise where I can purchase the "Dry Pack" scallops that restaurants use that are not packed in the wet, phosphorus solution when sold?

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  1. Occasionally you can get them from Pirates Seafood in Tampa, but that is a purveyor for restaurants. I don't know if they have a retail store location.

    1. Try Florida's Finest in Lauderhill They have some really nice seafood ask for Todd.

      Ph - 954-585-8100 Fax - 954-585-8200
      Toll Free - 877-258-3474

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      1. re: floridaeater

        floridaeater - Does Florida's Finest sell retail? I thought they were a wholesaler.

      2. Anyone know of a location in Miami to get dry scallops?