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Aug 17, 2008 08:46 AM

Chez Henri service?

There are an awful lot of negative reviews on other sites about the quality of service at Chez Henri's dining room (rude, condescending, pushy...). But I don't see anything to this effect on Chowhound. Sabotage from competitors, or is there any truth to the criticisms (I’m planning to make my first visit to CH soon)?


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  1. Especially as compared to the fairly long-tenured bartending staff, there seems to be a lot of dining room staff turnover, mostly young and relatively inexperienced waiters and waitresses, not unlike the Monday Club Bar staff at Upstairs on the Square.

    Having said that, I've been going to Chez Henri for nearly ten years and have not once encountered a single rude, condescending, or pushy waiter. The host or hostess has on occasion seemed a little harried, but again, the wait staff has seemed perfectly fine.

    It's been said here a hundred times, but I'll say it again: I think the bar menu items, especially the Cubanos, beat the pants off the dining room items, although I like both reasonably well.

    1. WE ate there last month in the dining room. Our waitress was just fine, no rude of condescnding behaviour at all (considering that I don't drink any alcohol and thus did not order any wine or cocktail). She recommended the dessert which was really good.

      However, I'm not crazy about the decor there, esp with the wine-colored carpet. Looks dirty and dated... can really use a face-lift!

      1. Was there recently, and started at the bar...there was a rather boisterous (small) group at the bar and we were looking for quieter conversation, so asked to slip around to the restaurant side (it was late). But the bartender kept really coming out of her way to make sure everything was good, bringing us drinks, etc., which was nice. Now sure, you could be a cynic and say that she was helpful because we happily moved our place settings and drinks to the dining room ourselves, but I am not so cynical.

        Times I have strictly dined there I do not recall any issues with service otherwise.

        1. I have eaten at Chez Henri many times over the past several years and have never had a problem with the service. They don't tend to be overly friendly, but they are certainly pleasant and professional. Their steak frites is wonderful, and I have had some truly excellent desserts.