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Aug 17, 2008 08:11 AM

Cakebread vs. Merryvale

We'll be in Napa this October. I am looking at the Cakebread sensory experience wine tasting and the Merryvale wine component tasting. Both are same cost, both sound pretty much the same in what they cover. They are basically held at the same time and we can only do one of them. Anyone have recommendations on which is better?

Thanks for any thoughts you can share!


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  1. About 20 Napa wineries offer blending seminars. I am a huge fan of Phelps, and they also have a blending seminar/component tasting. Several very good reports of it on CH. Cakebread is a bit of a factory these days, and I don't know how special or not special your blending seminar would be. St. Supery Winery has an area in their visitor center nicknamed "smell-a-vision" with a series of what they call Sensory Evaluation Kiosks that can help a wine-taster identify smells in wine.

    Much more info on the internet.
    Chowhound thread on Phelps blending seminar here: