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Aug 17, 2008 08:10 AM

Trip to Shenandoah Valley

We are staying at an inn in Bridgewater, VA for a week and planning a number of day trips to the surrounding areas during our trip - Staunton, Waynesboro, Harrisonburg, Charlottesville. We take this trip every year and are in a bit of a rut with the restaurants - any suggestions for places for good chow? We are primarily looking for dinner and light lunch (the Inn serves a huge breakfast), good atmosphere, reasonable prices, local wine list outdoor seating a plus, we are open to all cuisine types. Any suggestions? I'd also like any suggestions for day trips as well, we have alot of wineries on our list so far, but not much else (priorities!).

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  1. For dinner in Staunton try out Staunton Grocery located in the very quaint downtown section. local produce and local wines. I know they have a website but I don't know it

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      1. In Charlottesville, C&O Restaurant and Continental Divide

        1. You may get more suggestions on the South board...I graduated from Bridgewater College but that was ::gulp::: 22 years ago and so I am not familiar with the new places around.

          1. In Charlottesville go to the Bluemont area for dinner both the Local and Mas are good. There is also a restaurant there, that is a brewery that is really good for lunch, I forget the name, but will try to think of it. Creative good food, and interesting beer.

            Lots of good wineries, the Monticello one has pretty good wine, and the Barboursville winery has a good wine called Octagon, and I haven't been to Keswick Vineyards but Fiance's parents said it was one of the better ones.

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              Think you're referring to the Belmont neighborhood. The only brewery in town is South Street, which has decent food but is not open for lunch. Maya, locavore/Southern, Zinc -french bistro are also very good in Cville on W. Main St.

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                Is it open for weekend lunch? It isn't in town, it was out somewhere, I will have to ask Fiance's parents what it was. The parking lot was so packed it was hard to get in and out, I believe it was near some wineries. They had really good, kind of creative fair, I had a curried chicken salad wrap, they had an asian chicken dish, good cheese plate and really good homemade pretzels. I can't remember what the rest of the table had.

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                  Ok ok, got it, yes referring to Belmont, not Bluemont, and the brewery I am thinking of is not in town, it was the Blue Mountain Brewery near Charlottesville, but not in. I did a quick google search:

                  The online menu isn't huge, but they have a lot more, I think because they have a good amount of daily specials.

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                    Ah, Blue Mountain. Great beer and the food is much better than you'd think it would be.