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Best buffets if we don't want to eat particularly fancy food!

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I've been comparing opinions on buffets for days now and still can't figure out which ones to go to - so I need a little help.

We really love our food but aren't particular foodies - if that makes any sense. Duck, lobster and truffle oil etc aren't really high on our list of priorities. I'd rather a large selection of less speciality food done well, then endless reams of cordon bleu type stuff.

First of all - the breakfast brunch.Bellagio, Wynn and Le Village seem to be frequent front runners, but I'm open to other suggestions on the strip. I presume everywhere will have the bacon, sausage, egg stuff anyway. I'm more into vegetarian breakfast foods so am looking for a large selection of pastries, cereals, fresh fruit, smoked salmon, pancakes, waffles, french toast etc. I have a very sweet tooth, so anywhere that had dessert options would be great. For my girlfriend ( who's not as into cold breakfast food as I am), somewhere that does a few non-typically breakfast items would be a bonus.

I could eat breakfast foods all day, but for my girlfriend's sake we want to do a lunch buffet as well. We basically need something that's not entirely seafoody - although we are sushi fans. having never been to a buffet, or eaten in the US, I have absolutely no idea what is usually served at a lunchtime buffet - and all the reviews I read rave solely about crabs legs and other fish. Little mention seems to go to the basics.

Ideally we'd like to try lots of different things so would probably be better off at places where you can serve yourself, as opposed to having individual chefs cook you entire burritos and risottos that I presume are quite large?

Again, a good selection of desserts would be great.

To sum up we want - Large selection of non eggs, bacon, sausage items at breakfast
- Millions of different foods to try at lunch that aren't Crab legs and lobster

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  1. Definitely Paris for breakfast.

    Bellagio or Caesars for lunch.

    1. Head for Planet Hollywood. I'm guessing the buffet is still the Spice Market. Not as frou frou as Bellagio, better overall quality IMNSHO. More of the "regular food" that you are looking for.

      1. Agree with the suggestion for Planet Hollywood's buffet - not too fancy, good variety, good food. Le Village seemed to have a larger selection of pastries than other buffets I've visited, but the rest - cereals, fresh fruit, smoked salmon, pancakes, waffles, etc... are pretty standard fare everywhere. Wynn is very nice, but the selection is smaller than other buffets. Bellagio goes for the fancier items.

        Another buffet to consider is the buffet at the Verandah at the Four Seasons - very good, but a bit pricey.