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Aug 17, 2008 08:00 AM

Oregano's at Thornhill Square

Date and I went to Oreganos at Thornhill Square last night. we were seated promptly (the first booth was extremely small - we are both of average weight and height, and his knees were squished).

I ordered an Eggplant Bocconcini (boconcini layered between eggplant - Not fried), and he ordered a chicken Raviol type dish and a diet coke.
The diet coke was flat and he sent it back. After a 20 minute wait or so, a basket of garlic bread was delivered to the table. We polished it off - we were ravenous. 10 minutes later, when we inquired about the whereabouts of our food, the waitress (who was amazing, by the way), said it was in the making - would we like another thing of bread. We said yes. The bread was delivered.

It took nearly 50 minutes to get the entrees out to us, and when they were delivered, I received eggplant parm, not eggplant bocconcini (while it might be a small difference, I wanted a dish that wasn't breaded and deepfried). I asked to speak to a manager, and explained to him that we had been waiting 50 minutes, and I was delivered the wrong meal. He replied "what do you want me to do about it?" to which I replied, I want my meal comped. Which he did, to his credit although with no apology

The waitress was very apologetic (almost too apologetic), and the rest of the meal was fine.
The food was mediocre at best, and my date and I ended up going for dessert elsewhere.
Needless to say, it was a cheap date, and we won't be going back there.

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  1. drats!....i was going to check this place out as i live right off green lane....

    has anyone else been?.. it's a little odd location, as you can't see it (or any signs) from the main roads...

    how is santorini??.... it's been there for ages, and i always hear of good (but vague) recommendations....

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      Sept 25/08 we went to this new restaurant. Yes, it did take a while to see a waitress and then a very long time to get our 1/2 carafe of wine since they had to wait for one to be brought back? Seemed odd - carafes are cheap. Service was slow, but they had two big groups there. The food was outstanding - peppercorn veal and salmon - and bruschetta - highly recommend it all. Dessert was caramel crunch - I've certainly had lots better elsewhere of this dessert. However, we found prices reasonable and food delicious so will go back for sure.