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Aug 17, 2008 07:32 AM

Grandma's 80th- Steak/Van + Area/Reasonable

Montreal travellers here again, with new request.....looking for quality, not overpriced steak restaurant in Van/Surrey/Richmond/etc

Thanks for your input

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  1. Would you consider Hy's reasonable (14oz NY Strip for $32.95, for example).

    Hamilton Street Grill in Yaletown has inexpnesive but good steak (their Hanger is $14?).

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    1. re: fmed

      Thanks for input....I think Hy's is too much....I like Yaletown option...

    2. I second Hamilton Street Grill.

      1. How about Pied-a-Terre? It's a French bistro that offers a few different reasonably priced steak options: onglet, bison, filet mignon, cote de boeuf.

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        1. re: twinkienic

          P-a-T is a great rec. Highly recommended. I've only had their onglet which was very good.

        2. Check out Jules in Gastown...kick ass steak frites at a very reasonable price.

          HSG and PAT are also both great options.

          1. I also recommend Hamilton Street Grill :)

            Call and talk to Neil or Ryan and they will make a fuss over your Grandma.

            When will you be in town ?


            Neil Wyles
            Hamilton Street Grill

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            1. re: nwyles

              I too recommend Hamilton Street Grill. Also, I took my grandparents and parents to Restaurant Connor Butler for my grandad's 83rd.birthday. He was craving a nice thick steak and that is just what he got. It was tender, tender, tender, flavourful and delicious. We all tried something different from the menu and no one was disappointed. Atomosphere is just right for this kind of thing. Quiet jazzy music, comfortable upholstered chairs with arms, charming room, decent wine list, friendly capable service. Either of my recommendations should make you quite happy. cheers