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Aug 17, 2008 07:24 AM

Extra virgin olive oil a waste as cooking oil?

Do you use extra virgin olive oil to cook or just use the regular variety?

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  1. When I pan sear, or pan fry, I use Olive oil.

    If I deep fry, I use vegetable oil.

    1. I think it's a waste to use EV for regular cooking.

      I use regular olive oil for cooking and EV for stuff like salad dressings and for things like pesto sauce..

      Unless i've run out of regular. Then i'll use the extra virgin.

      1. I use extra virgin olive oil for cooking oil unless I don't want that flavor, in which case I use grapeseed oil. For frying, I use generic vegetable oil. I use cheaper ones for cooking, more expensive ones for salad dressings etc.

        1. I use extra virgin olive oil for most of my pan cooking, but there's times I don't want that taste on my food like when I make crab cakes or cook eggs, for example. Then I use vegetable oil or safflower oil.

          I use the evoo in salad dressing, too. I'd use regular olive oil for cooking but Ican never seem to find it where I live, at least not where the price is appreciably different from evoo.

          1. I use extra virgin most of the time, and peanut, corn or canola oil to fry when the olive oil would clash with the food being fried.

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              I generally keep 2 oils on hand, Canola, and TJ's cheapest EVOO. I don't see a lot of point in buying an 'plain' OO just to save a dollar. I lean toward using Canola when I don't want an extra flavor, or where other spices would swamp any flavor the olive oil contributes (e.g. Indian and Mexican style dishes). The EVOO goes on salads, and Spanish and Italian style dishes. And where appropriate I'll use butter, bacon, or other animal fat.

              On occasion I have experimented with a more expensive EVOO specifically for salads. For example I just bought a smaller bottle Spanish oil from TJs - which turned out to have a quite distinctive peppery taste.

              1. re: paulj

                can i make a small correction in that i generally use regular Olive oil in italian and medditerannean cuisines..

                i'd never use Olive Oil in asian cooking for example. Groundnut oil is a good one for that.

                1. re: paulj

                  I do exactly as you do, paulj! One small new expensive bottle just for special things.