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Aug 17, 2008 06:28 AM

Best gnocci in the area?

I went to La Viola last night and had amazing gnocci - light and pillowy. I think it was some of the best I had. Nothing is better than good gnocci, and nothing is worse than bad gnocci(heavy, chewy). I think its the tell take sign of a good restaurant. Here are a list of my favorites:

La Viola (Philly)
Hosteria de Elio (Philly)
Ristorante Casetllo (North Wales)

Any other places have great gnocci? Any gnocci to be avoided?

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  1. Where in North Wales is that last restaurant, AmblerGirl?

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    1. re: beauxmots

      Ristorante Castello is on Welsh Road is a fairly large shopping center not too far off Route 309, I think its called Montgomery Commons.

      1. re: AmblerGirl

        Ohhhh....North Wales in PA, that explains everything!

    2. Good posting; I adore gnocchi, when it is done right. I think it should be light and airy, and agree there is nothing worse than biting into it to find it is heavy and doughy. Then it sits in your stomach like a rock. I think Panorama has excellent gnocchi; it is made at the restaurant.
      In case you are ever in NJ and looking to purchase some; there is a store in Cinnamonson called Georgettis where they make all their own pasta (and all types of frozen take out meals). They have excellent gnocchi that you can purchase frozen. Their cheese gnocchi is absolutely delicious and very light. They cook in just a few minutes. I love gnocchi with just a bit of good olive oil, butter, freshly grated locatelli and black pepper. Or maybe a rose sauce. In the winter, a brown butter and fresh sage sauce.
      Now I feel like I have to go buy some!

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        I agree with Panorama, by far the best I've had in Philadelphia. Modo Mio had a nice gnocci on their menu, but I think it was a seasonal item.

      2. When Andrew at MAJOLICA ,in Phoenixville,Pa makes gnocci it is fabulous.May be a bit far from Philly to qualify geographicaly.

        1. Some of the best gnocci we've ever had is at Cucina Forte. The owner is famous for her gnocci; deservedly so. Get it with the cheese sauce.

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          1. San Marco in Springhouse has excellent gnocchi.