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Aug 17, 2008 05:44 AM


This year I am hearing that alot of the crops have been destroyed by hail and weather maladies. Having said that, can anyone recommend either a PYO or a farm market where I can get some good freestone's at a reasonable price. I get them for freezing over the winter to use in my morning smoothies.


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  1. I bought a $4 square box (smaller than the basket size) of free stone red haven peaches at the brickworks yesterday.

    1. There is a farmer's market every Wednesday at Duplex and Lytton. (1 street west of yonge). I have been buying peaches from them for the past three weeks. They're super. $6 for a 3 litre basket. they also have tiny blueberries for $7.50 for a pint and 15 for a quart, but I haven't tried them.

      If you are not too far away, they really are delicious, as are the plums (same price).

      1. We had been eating Ontario Peaches for the past 3-4 weeks. We bought some last week. The Loblaw’s at Burnhamthorpe and West Mall has had a skid of peaches sitting in the store. So I assume that Loblaw’s still has some.

        1. Today at Fiesta Farms, they had giant Californian tree-rip peaches for 99 cents a lb, and Ontario small peaches for 1.29lb or 3.99 for a basket. (honey boy? i can't remember the variety name but it resembles the same ones in the baskets at all the supermarkets.)

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            Why would Fiesta farms promote tree ripe peaches from California when this is the Ontario season for peaches? If they are tree ripened they must be rock hard to make the journey.

            1. re: jayt90

              i dunno why they'd promote the "tree ripe - sweet eat" Cal peaches but they looked beautiful and were hard.