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Aug 17, 2008 12:01 AM

Absolut LA vodka--where is it?

I really want tp get a bottle of that Absolut LA vodka for a visiting friend who is leaving tomorrow. I've seen it in ads and online, but not in the real world. Has anyone seen the actual bottle for sale anywhere that I could preferrable buy tomoros?

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  1. It's supposedly at Wally's and the West Hollywood BevMo! -- see:


    1. The BevMo in my area says they carry it, but they are only getting 1 bottle in on

      1. I just saw it the other night at a random liquor store on Venice Blvd. (can't remember the cross street, but it had to have been somewhere between Hughes and Sepulveda). If it's there, I'm sure it's in many other places.

        1. Here is a place you can buy it online:

          I just Googled Absolut LA Vodka to find out what you spoke of, and this popped up. Only 18.99.

          Good Luck

          1. Beverage Warehouse in Culver City looks to have it.


            you can do a search, and it came up.