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Aug 16, 2008 11:32 PM

Where can I find elderberries?

Anyone know where I can find fresh elderberries?

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  1. I've seen black currants recently at farmer's markets (in particular, the Thursday market in Brookline), so elderberries should be showing up relatively soon, if someone has them. (It might be a little early for them at this moment--maybe next week or the week after?) If you don't see them now, I'd ask whether there are some coming in a future week, so you know who to stalk out for them...

    1. ask my mother, she was a hamster but my father smelled of elderberries....

      1. I've never seen them in the store. I grow them myself. They're fairly easy to grow, but the deer tend to like both the leaves and the berries. They're ripe right now, so this would be the time to try to find them in any store.