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Aug 16, 2008 10:22 PM

croissants in nyc.

where can one find the perfect - flaky, buttery, melt-in-the mouth croissant in lower manhattan? and does this place have great espresso drinks, too?

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  1. speak no more...head right over to la bergamote 9th ave and 20th street

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    1. re: mindy

      totally agree. madeleine on 23rd between 7th and 6th is pretty good, too...but bergamot is better

    2. Patisserie claude - never got coffee there...

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      1. re: tpigeon

        PC will soon be closing if he hasn't already.

        1. re: nativeNYer

          I think reports on CH have said he's closing at the end of the year w/ no August vacation, but I've not inquired first hand.

        2. re: tpigeon

          Agree w/Patisserie Claude, although I haven't had espresso drinks there. Go quick b/c it's closing soon. Almond croissants at La Bergamote are very good too, and I like Madeleine for a variety of their baked goods. I haven't had espresso at either.

          1. re: Lucia

            I really miss the almond croissants at La Bergamote...

          2. re: tpigeon

            Claude is closing at the end of the year. (I confirmed it with him.)

            His plain croissants just aren't that great. They're fine, very good when fresh and warm. The fresh and warm pain au chocolat are fantastic.

            1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

              I disagree on the plains. They are fantastic. As is the pac.

              1. re: tpigeon

                I found Claude's to be wonderfully flaky and great in texture, but they could stand to be a little more buttery.

            2. re: tpigeon

              I like the P. Claude croissants, though I don't know if they're really the very best the city has to offer. They're at their peak before noon. Coffee is fine, neither amazing or awful.

            3. Have you given Financier a try?
              I confess I haven't had any of their croissants in such a long time I don't remember how good they are. But their other food is delicious, so chances are the croissants are decent.

              1. I have tried la bergamote, patisserie claude, financier, and others besides. The best croissants in the city are to be found at Petrossian's Cafe on 7th Ave. just south of 58th St.

                1. It's too bad you've restricted the search to lower Manhattan, since I've tried la bergamote, patisserie claude, financier, and others besides, and the best croissants in the city are to be found at Petrossian's Cafe on 7th Ave. just south of 58th St.

                  However, the other places recommended are pretty decent too. Also add Tisserie in Union Square.

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                  1. re: shivohum

                    I'd have to respectfully disagree with you on the Tisserie rec. I don't think they're very good. I find it tastes similar to Zaro's.

                    I haven't been in a long time, but I used to like the croissants at Ceci-Cela in Soho. But I've read some downhill reports of that place.

                    1. re: Miss Needle

                      I like the pain au chocolat at Ceci-Cela more than the plain. They also have mini ones, for those who are into tiny desserts.

                    2. re: shivohum

                      I agree about Petrossian's - best that I've had in the city (but didn't mention them before because the OP asked for lower Manhattan recs). Can't agree about Tisserie though.

                      1. re: shivohum

                        I can't believe I never tried Petrossians, thanks for the rec.

                        1. re: tpigeon

                          you can get them to go at petrossians?

                          i only went there once a long time ago with my mom for caviar...i didnt even realize they sold them there

                          1. re: Lau

                            Yeah, at the Cafe on 7th ave, around the corner from the restaurant.

                            There are seats in the back of the cafe, but I've never actually sat there. I've only gotten pastries to go.