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Aug 16, 2008 10:14 PM

St. Louis---anyone been to SLeeK?

Have tentative reservations at Keller's new place SLeeK. Would appreciate any comments. It is in the casino---do you have to walk past all the smoke to enter? Other suggestions?

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  1. Don't get me started on SLeeK. That was...well, that was just ridiculous. We were sadly disappointed. My $28 pork tenderloin was grossly under seasoned and my husband's sweet breads were way over cooked..and under seasoned. The truffled mashed potatoes were well as the mushroom fricassee...but nothing was amazing. The service was lacking and the loud music from the casino filtered in through the big open doors..along with the stench of cigarettes. When we informed the server that the dishes were under seasoned she apologized by saying that the cooks in kitchen were inexperienced and just 'out of college'....that they are still learning! WHAT!!!!!!!! I just dropped over $100 bucks on kids who are "STILL LEARNING". Seasoning food is a basic skill. I was shocked at the response.

    If you are going downtown to eat...pick someplace not in a smoky casino. Ugh...You don't have to actually go into the casino proper but the entrance to the restaurant is located directly across from the casino. You can still hear the loud chinging of the machines and smell the smoke.

    If I was going downtown for a meal, I would pick An American Place...or even Cielo at the Four Seasons. I have heard they have improved over the past couple months.