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too much anchovy

chocabot Aug 16, 2008 09:42 PM

Help please!
I put 3 anchovy fillets in my stew and the flavour's too strong.
Anyone know what I can add to negate the effect?

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  1. Professor Salt Aug 16, 2008 09:52 PM

    I'm assuming you're using canned anchovy filets packed in oil. Or are you using salt packed anchovies? Or maybe some other form?

    Try soaking your anchovy filet in milk for 5 minutes or so before use. That will draw out some of the salt and strong flavor.

    Depending on the application, I substitute Vietnamese fish sauce for anchovy filets. Assuming you're sparing in its use, it does not taste fishy, but adds umami and a subtle saltiness to whatever you're cooking. A stew would be a great application for Viet or Thai fish sauce.

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