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Aug 16, 2008 09:26 PM

Best Seafood Pasta in Manhatthan

I am currently at Manhattan by next Thursday. One of the dishes I want to explore (but didn't accomplish from last four Manhattan visits) is seafood pasta (like linguini clam or linguini frutti di mare). I haven't found any better seafood pasta than Cunetto House of Pasta in St Louis (Hill...little italy), though I lived in Chicago more than 10 years. Can anyone recommend the best seafood pasta (family style...large portion, can taste freshness of seafood along with tasty sauce) in Manhattan?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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  1. Try Ennio and Michael's seafood pasta. If you go to Queens go to Don Pepe on Lefferts Blvd,,one of the first family style manhattan restaurants , where the Goodfellas used to eat,,

    1. I personally LOVE the pasta with sea urchin at Basta Pasta.

      1. Dalga Seafood Grill makes a pretty impressive seafood pasta

        401 E. 62nd St

        1. Spaghetti "Shrimp Fra Diavola" is an amazing pasta dish at Crispo. The shrimps are succulent, sweet and HUGE. I love their sauce too.

          1. The guitar cut spaghetti w/sea urchin roe and crab at Esca is fantastic.