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Aug 16, 2008 07:06 PM

Reasonable but good "family" restaurants

We'll soon be heading to Montreal with our two children, both of whom are under 10 are aren't particularly adventureous when it comes to food. Any good recommendations for special places we might all really love...places that are reasonable and enjoyable for both adults as well as kids?

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  1. Howdy!

    Roi du Plateau, a very nice Portuguese restaurant (51 Rachel West (514) 844-8393). The kids can have the grilled chicken and you can have the squid (both are excellent).

    Wilensky's Light Lunch (34 Fairmount O 514-271-0247) Grilled bologna on onion rolls for the kids, nostalgia for the 1940s for you.

    Binerie Mont-Royal (367 Mont-Royal W., 285-9078) Sorta, like kinda similar in the nostalgia trip to Wilensky's but beans instead of bologna.

    All of the three are more than reasonable - Wilensky's is only open for lunch.

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      All sound quite intriguing...thanks!

    2. Depends how "unadventurous" your kids are. There are a lot of little "ethnic" family places that are very family-friendly indeed. Near me I'd recommend the two Salvadorean places on St-Zotique: La Carreta at the corner of Drolet and El Amigo at the corner of St-Dominique, if your kids will eat things like tortillas. They have a range of Salvadorean, other Central American and Mexican dishes and are not expensive. La Carreta is a slightly prettier restaurant, perhaps a tad more expensive than El Amigo (it was damaged by fire a few years back and emerged prettier from its ashes) while El Amigo is really the very "popular" place with the TV on in Spanish, lots of Latino families. El Amigo is also a bring-your-own (wine or beer) if you so desire.

      There are lots of such places all over the city and its suburbs, of many national origins. It really depends on what your kids will eat. Will they eat Chinese or Vietnamese food? Many family places have simple dishes that are not too "exotic" or strange for the kids.

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        Thanks...appreciate the guidance!

      2. Santropol – 842-3110 just south of Duluth O, on St. Urbain (West side of the street) (St. Urbain is the next main street east of St. Laurent). Very close to Park Jeanne Mance, and could also be a destination after a hike in Park Mont Royal. Great sandwiches, or just dessert. Big tea selection. Double decker sandwiches are huge. Good milkshakes. A big attraction for Kids is the decor - it's just so very fun, whimsical, colourful, lots to see. Has a nice terrace/garden at the back. Brought my niece there when she visited and she had a great time.

        If you're looking for a poutine fix, try La Banquise, 994 Rachel E., 525-2415 (Plateau)—24-hour casse-croute. Hot dogs, hamburgers, that sort of thing. Also right next to a great big park with a large man-made pond, lots of nice trees, your kids will like seeing the ducks – fun in the summertime!

        Also walking distance to Park Lafontaine is Lombardi (Italian, c. 20$ person) 411 Duluth E 844-9419 (Duluth and St. Denis). When you want to experience a bring-your-own-wine place, and you just want a nice casual Italian place with good food for a reasonable price, with things like spaghetti or lasagne, this is the place to go. I've been there countless times and practically every time I've been there it's been super. It reopened quite recently after it was destroyed by a fire. Their Italian sausage appetizer is VERY good.

        I LOVE Roi du Plateau too -- if you and your kids like meat/fish. Not a place for vegetarians or the vegetable-focused. Super casual.

        Of course, there a lot of good places for brunch/breakfast, but I think kids really like Chez Cora. My parents and other visitors also really like it there. It is a chain originating from Quebec, and very kid friendly (I think there's even a kid's menu), lots of colourful decorations. There's one on Park, between Sherbrooke and Milton, on the East side of the street. Good crepes and omelettes and fruit stuff. I like the omelette that's stuffed in a crepe!

        Everything I've recommended so far is very casual and reasonable.

        If you're willing to splurge a bit and still have a very casual atmosphere, try Olive & Gourmando in Old Montreal (351 St. Paul West) closed sun. and mon. It's a café atmosphere, and you order your food at the counter - it's a chalkboard menu with things like sandwiches, soups, salads, homemade lemonade, their cheese plate is great. Absolutely love their tex-mex chicken sandwich. I can't imagine any kid not loving their brownies (it's almost like fudge). You will pay quite a bit more money for the food, and some may wonder at first "it's just a darn sandwich!" but after you take a bite you will understand. Absolutely top-notch. Go earlier in the day before the choices run out.

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          Well this was a most comprehensive list! Thank you so sounds like you knew precisely what I was looking for. These are absolutely the sort of thing I had in mind when I asked the question...