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Aug 16, 2008 06:44 PM

Avoid Petite Abeille First Ave.

Avoid Peite Abeille's First Ave. location. From the "couldn't be bothered" host, to the dirty utensils, to the poorly cooked strip steaks, dinner tonight was really bad. Okay, the fried calamari was fine. I was very disappointed with how bad the strip steaks were. Two steaks ordered medium-rare came out more like medium-well. Mine was very hard, my sister's steak, also overdone, was slightly better. The waiter did ask how we liked our meal, and I told him the steaks were overdone. To his credit, he did say I should have sent them back, but he did confess that the kitchen was very backed up so it would have been a while for a second try. I was mixed about going based on some recent negative reviews on, but I tried it anyway. The folks on Menupages got this one perfectly. I hope the other locations of Petite Abeille are better. I won't return to the First Ave. branch.

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  1. No excuse for the poor service and dirty utensils, but it would never occur to me to order anything but moules at a Petite Abeille. Did anyone in your party have them?

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      Nope. We've had them before. Someone on Menupages said they weren't good recently. Too scary to try bad mussels.

    2. Hudson st., while small, is the best location imho.