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Aug 16, 2008 06:04 PM

Juarez - authentic Mexican in Mamaroneck

There is a relatively new Mexican place on Mamaroneck Ave. I noticed it about two weeks ago and tried it today for lunch. I really am not qualified to say how authentic it truly is, however it seemed like the real deal to me. I went with a friend who had been there before and apparently they didn't have anybody who spoke English when he first went.

As you enter, on the right is a counter with maybe 8 seats and then on the left are maybe 6 tables that each seat four. There was a lady with a little kid in the back corner; she seemed to know the one waitress.

The guac was good. For my main dish I had a carne burrito, which I liked quite a bit. It came with rice and beans on the side. Again, I really can't comment on how authentic it truly is. They had a ton of stuff on the menu that I had no idea what it was. Two things that caught my attention were something with tongue and a chicken dish with a Mexican chocolate sauce.

Some of you are probably familiar with Juarez Grocery on Mamaroneck Ave. I've seen posts here talking about the tamales that they have on Sunday mornings. I have no idea if the restaurant is related to the grocery store.

As for price - the burrito was $7 and the guacamole was $2 and it was filling enough that it was the only thing I've eaten today aside from a peach and a banana.

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  1. Where is it on Mamaroneck Ave?

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      if you're coming from white plains it's on your right side as the road curves and that little triangle is formed by old white plains rd, mamaroneck ave and center ave. so it's across mamaroneck ave from that karate school.

      i had 2 tacos there the other day. the steak was ok, the al pastor was juicy and flavorful.

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      1. I went today and had the Chicken Enchiladas with Verde Salsa, it was delicious! My boyfriend had the Pork Burrito, which he had to ge wrapped up because it was huge. The staff's English is limited but 'no problema'! Everyone was friendly, food was tasty and it's inexpensive.

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          I read about this restaurant here and tried it today. It is a very clean and nice casual place, and the co-owner (son Mario) welcomed me and described the specials. I ordered the special he had suggested (Tacos al Carbon -- diced chicken sauteed with onions, cilantro, tomato, and lime juice, wrapped in 2 tortillas, served with rice and beans). The food was great -- very tasty and fresh and had an authentic feel to me. It was also plenty filling and cost about $11.

          The owner told me all of the dishes are prepared based on his mother's recipe from Mexico.

          The restaurant was very clean and looked good and the staff seemed very friendly.

          Someone mentioned above that on an early visit in 2008, the staff didn't seem to speak English very well. Mario (the owner) spoke perfect English and was very hospitable.

          I will be back for lunch or dinner soon and really recommend this restaurant.

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