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Aug 16, 2008 05:44 PM

Wine Bar in Fells Point?? Any Scoop?

Does anyone know anything about the wine bar that looks to be under construction at the end of Ann Street in Fells Point? Between the sushi place and Bonaparte? I can't even remember the name of the sign the have up to try to google it...

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  1. Miss Irene's? Place has been under renovation for years now, it seems. Word on the street is that they've run out of money and likely won't be opening. Not under current ownership, at least. They've had their pretty website splash page up for a while now, Too bad it likely won't come to fruition.

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    1. re: rpb

      Miss Irene's is on Thames, and doesn't meet the description of "between the sushi place and Bonaparte" which would be south of Thames..

      At the risk of showing my age, something seems quite strange about "wine bar" and "Fells Point" in the same sentence. :-)

      1. re: rpb

        Glad for the update on the Miss Irene's building, but this place is different. It is down the street (Ann?) that runs alongside the water - I do think it is directly to the left of the sushi place, as you are looking at that row of businesses. Maybe I'll walk down today and check out the name again - it seemed like it was something like Vino or the like - something obviously very wine-y.

        1. re: a70wilson

          The sign outside does appear to be VINO. There is also a sign for the transfer of a liquor license from somewhere else. Though all the stuff is gone from the previous "Arabian" knick knack store, there doesn't appear to be much progress. Given that there are no other wine bars in Fells, it does appear to have its options open.

          rpb--Why isn't Miss Irene's opening anytime soon? When I walked by the other day, the bar, tables and chairs appeared finished.

          1. re: thecheeseisblue

            miss irene's was required to put in an incredibly expensive utility line, you can see finished evidence on the ann st side, and it made them run outta dough. it's been in suspended animation for months, with that almost-ready look.

            1. re: chowsearch

              Actually. I have a friend who will be working at Miss Irene's starting the beginning of next month. Which, depending on how much she's involved in pre-open could mean it's opening in Oct/Nov. AND they are holding an open-house for hiring today! Pretty sure that means they WILL be opening. It is more upscale than the last, but not completely fru-fru. I'm looking forward to it.

              1. re: jolynette

                "More upscale then the last" - had you ever been in the old Miss Irenes??

                1. re: hon

                  That's funny. Thanks, hon.

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