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Aug 16, 2008 04:41 PM

Bradley Smokers

Has anyone used a Bradley Smoker with their Bisquettes used for the smoke?

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  1. I bought one a couple of months age along with a 40" Masterbuilt smoker.
    I like the Masterbuilt so much about the only thing I've done with the digital Bradley is season it!
    I also have a big ceramic cooker that I use. That burns lump or wood and the other 2 are both electric.
    Do yourself a favor and look at Sam's Club in Plymouth, Ma at the Masterbuilt 40" digital model. It's on sale for $240, Bass Pro Shops sells it for $399.
    My Bradley will along with about 500 various bisquettes will be on the local craigslist shortly.

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      Are you referring to the electric Masterbuilt smoker? How long have you had it and tell us more about your experience with it. Thanks.

    2. I've had a Bradley digital for over a year and love it. I've used it for salmon, brisket, ribs, turkey legs and chicken. Have had excellent results with all. I like the "lazy-Q" aspect of the Bradley in that I can have it smoke a brisket overnight with no monitoring. I do about an hour per pound in the smoker, then seal it tight and finish it in the oven. It comes out perfect.

      1. A couple more things about the Bradley: the drip pan, water pan and racks clean beautifully in the dishwasher. Also, I use the smoker year-round, even in the cold of winter and on rainy days. I keep a large ziploc bac inverted on the puck feeder to keep the rain/snow from swelling the bisquettes (I buy them from Amazon, generally on the buy 4, pay for 3 deal).

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        1. re: ferret

          Check out for really great prices on the bisquette.
          I pay $39 for a 120 pack.
          Do you use a metal puck so pucks feed correctly and you get no waste?

          1. re: janzy

            Amazon's 4-for-3 gets me 192 pucks for $46 or so.