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Aug 16, 2008 04:30 PM

Taro cake? Help!!

Which Chinese bakery has the best taro cake? I've gotten answers to go to Cathy's Bakery and Kiki's Bakery (its design is beautiful!! ).
Has anyone been to the bakery inside 99 ranch market in Arcadia? Are their cakes worth it ( I did see taro cake!)

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  1. Taro cake is very popular with Filipino Bakeries. They call it UBE. Try Goldilocks or Red Ribbon Bakeries. There is a Filipino supermarket in the Eagle Rock Plaza and they have cakes in there along with Goldilocks.

    I also like Diamond Bakery on Atlantic and Garvey in Monterey Park.

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    1. re: karynx78

      ube cake @red ribbon = delicious

      1. re: karynx78

        I concur with Karynx. Go to a Filipino bakery. There's also a Red Ribbon on Colorado in Glendale if that's easier for you... both it and Goldilocks are chains.

        1. re: karynx78

          Actually taro and ube are two different things although they have a similar flavor and sometimes similar purple coloring. I would stick with the Chinese bakeries rather than a filipino one to find what the OP is looking for.

        2. I'm not too crazy about taro/ube cakes from Filipino bakeries, it just tastes like vanilla chiffon cake with purple food coloring. The best taro cake I've had is from Vanille de Patisserie in San Marino (run by Chinese people), I can really taste the taro. Unfortunately I found it to be quite expensive. But it's really yummy and rich! You can buy a slice to taste it first before committing to a whole cake.

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          1. re: chowchow12345678

            The stuff at Vanille always looks better than it tastes.

            What my eyes delight in, my mouth is always disappointed in.

          2. Cathy's is the best in the SGV.

            The stuff at the Ranch 99 in Arcadia is too sweet, no taro flavor.

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                Agreed. Cathy's taro cake with those crispy layers is the best.

              2. I like Kiki's better. I find Cathy's cake to be dry while Kiki's is more moist.

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                1. re: fdb

                  Where's Kiki's? Does it have crispy layers too?

                  1. re: chowchow12345678

                    I don't believe they have crispy layers.

                    Kiki Bakery
                    640 W Valley Blvd
                    Ste B
                    Alhambra, CA 91804
                    (626) 458-9898

                    1. re: fdb

                      The Alhambra Kiki's is really good. Love the really fluffy buns. I went to another Kiki's in San Gabriel (I think) that was crappy. Stick with the Alhambra one.