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Aug 16, 2008 04:17 PM


I absolutely love soup.

Any season.

It's almost always welcome as comfort food, even when I'm not feeling bad.

My quest/question is about soups that make a meal. I've tried lots of pho, some udon/soba, laksa, and pork bone, amongst them all great and not good versions.

Where have you had soup that was satisfying and filling, being as meal-like as if you had ordered 'solid' food?

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  1. ravis soup...on adelaide (I think).
    He is a master of spice, flavor, texture, complexity,...
    the soup is served in a massive bowl..and you wont even need a sandwich!!
    I was there recentely for lunch, and Im delighted to see that Im not his only fan.

    1. Try Soup Nutsy on the concourse level of the TD exchange tower. It's a knock off of the Soup Nazi. You get free bread and fruit with each soup. Very rich and flavourful.

      1. I suggest you try Blue Danube Sausage House at 24 Chauncey Avenue.

        They have packaged takeout Hungarian soups in quart(?) containers. They also have a hot deli counter with a daily soup special. The fact that the soup is not fresh is a plus. Hungarian soups do best the next day reheated.

        From my visit I remember only Dry Bean Soup and Lentil Soup. These soups are typically spicey (not hot), rich, heavy, smokey soups thickened by a roux and sour cream and flavoured with bay leaf.

        1. soup is one of my favorite foods!
          In Oakville Sweet Smoke has a great chicken tortilla is adobe chicken in a rich, thick broth with great spices, crispy tortilla strips and creme fraiche..

          I'm always on the lookout for a great French Onion or Manhattan Chowder