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Aug 16, 2008 03:53 PM

Crabs inside the beltway

Where can I get good crabs inside the beltway? Preferably Md or DC. Eat in or take home. I haven't had them all summer and I can feel my Marylandness slipping away......

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  1. I recommend Blue Point Crab House in Baltimore (there are 2 separate locations around Baltimore). It's take home, but the crabs are great as are their other items such as crab cakes, crab pretzels (a must try), and sides.

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    1. re: NativeCharlestonian

      sorry - should have been more specifc. I'm looking for something inside the DC beltway. I'm too lazy to drive too far tomorrow!

    2. Traditionally the answers are:
      - Bethesda Crab House
      - Dancing Crab in Tenleytown (not sure if they're still open, though)
      - Steamers (Bethesda)
      -Quarterdeck (Rosslyn)

      1. Johnny's Half Shell has this killer crab dish, Sabine Pass Crabs, and if you go during happy hours, you can get em cheap. It's a pretty stunning dish.

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        1. re: Hadacol

          We ended up getting two dozen males @ $15 per dozen. They were small but tasty and we had enough leftover to make a couple of crab cakes

        2. Definitely Bethesda Crab House for inside the Beltway