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Aug 16, 2008 03:40 PM

birthday meal suggestions


I'm turning 22 later this month. Looking for a restaurant to go with 12 or so friends, nothing too fancy, somewhere cheap/cheap-ish (say up to $20 for an entree), and fun! Some kind of grill would be great. The Sunset Grill looks good but I'm hoping to find somewhere in Cambridge or Boston.

Ideally somewhere on or near the red line with good proximity to bars for afterwards (but those parts are not essential...)

Any suggestions?


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  1. Happy advance birthday! Green St. (which used to be Green St. GRILL) is the first that comes to mind, a block away from the Central Sq T. I'm not sure of exact prices, but I always think of it as less expensive than their neighbors, Rendevous and Central Kitchen. If you pay attention to these boards, you'll know that Green St is where it's at, especially for a cocktail. After dinner, you have Middlesex (club), The Enormous Room (lounge/club), the Middle East (live bands), TT the Bears (live bands), ZuZu (live bands), Phoenix Landing (dj/hip hop), and (my favorite) the Cantab (live dive) all within walking distance.

    1. cuchi cuchi also in central is an international tapas place. their food and desserts are yummy. it's a fun atmosphere- the waitresses are in costume. and they can accommodate a lot of people at one table.