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Aug 16, 2008 02:59 PM


ok, so i am off to visit family with family and am traveling through quincy, ephrata, moses lake, kelso/longview, kalama, and cathlamet in the process. my childhood recollections don't bring much to mind in the way of good food in any of these areas. the asian cuisine was always MSG'd to death and soggy. the mexican was tex-mex and on the heavy side (still, better than i can get up where i live now). the standard north-american-diner style eateries were always far too typically-semi-bland-over-cooked-and-over-salted-under-flavored places.

i am hoping there are now more interesting things along the way, years later.

thankfully, i am traveling with people who love food. my mom has lived in multiple countries and has raised us accordingly, so we all are rather adventurous and have a definite love for ethnic cuisine. fresher is better. fusion is beyond acceptable. authentic is divine.

anything you can recommend is helpful!! from coffee shops to places for a nice dinner. anything.

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  1. I am pasting my post from the "Dining near the Gorge..." thread, I hope it helps!

    Hands down you must try Tendril's restaurant at the Cave B Inn, at Sagecliffe. The web site is here:
    We were there last month and the menu is great! Focused on local, seasonal, fresh foods with great presentation and we loved everything we tried. The best part is that this is an estate winery and the bottle prices in the restaurant are not marked up from the tasting room! Their wines are fantastic and there is something for every taste.

    This property is adjacent to the amphitheatre property, you can walk there from the camp ground! They also have a full service spa, beautiful rooms, and serve meals all day. One night we just had small plates in the bar and were very satisfied with that.

    Chef Divina told me that he was leaving to open his own place in Oregon, but I am sure the place is still really great, after all it's only been a month.

    Have fun!

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    1. re: monicascafe

      thanks! i ran across your post after i posted this one. i'm definitely interested...i grew up about 10 minutes from the amphitheater, but i don't think this was around back then.

      1. re: dani_k

        It was not there then. But as usual Chico's pizza has always been the same.

        1. re: hickdolphin

          chico's pizza... hilarious. i've been to birthday parties there as a child. but, no memories of the pizza itself. what's it like?

          1. re: dani_k

            It's still the same. I think Zorns still own it and I went theere last summer when I was up there and I still feel it is the best Pizza in WA

      2. re: monicascafe

        There is also Micheals on the Lake on Broadway and the country club, it is located on the otherside of the lake from the Halmark

        1. re: hickdolphin

 well, i remember thinking it was good when i was younger, but the last time i was there it was very unimpressive. rather typical food that could be found at many iffy chain rests. my sister says its steadily declining, too.

          1. re: dani_k

            Well that is probably right. There just isn't any good places to eat in the north Basin area. Kioji's used to be the best but it went out of business. That is why I said Chicos.
            It is like walla walla. No real great place to eat. We have to go to Waitsburg Or Tri-cities to get what I consider a good meal.

            1. re: hickdolphin

              no good places is right. i was really hoping something interesting would be popping up. Tendrils at the Gorge looks interesting, and my sister and i are going to go check it out. looks like there's some good stuff to be had in Wenatchee, which i will check out with my mom and brother. i think my sister said "rock park" has some decent stuff in ephrata. my other sister's wedding reception was at the moses lake country club, but i was too busy as the official photographer to remember the food. (how is it possible for a foodie not to notice food? ....stick her in a room full of feuding relatives in a emotionally charged situation and have her be the official photographer...too freakin' busy!)

      3. A couple of notes, Kyogi's is open again in downtown Moses Lake, 3rd Ave. Rock Park is a coffee shop adjoining the restaurant Basaltz in Ephrata. The chef & menu seem to change frequently so could be hit or miss. Moses Pointe is decent, on the golf course west of Moses Lake, as is the restaurant at the country club. In town, Michaels and perhaps Kyogi's (haven't tried the new location yet) are the choices.

        The Idle Hour in Quincy has a good reputation. I'm remiss in not having tried it yet. (And I never have liked Chico's Pizza) Hands down, Tendril's is the top spot in the county. Dave Mathews will be at the Gorge next door Labor Day weekend.

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        1. re: Ajplayer

          Is Kyogi cooking again? or is it some of his apprentices? I have been eating his food ever since his first resturant when it was behind what used to be paylesson Stratford Rd. Then he closed and opened a couple of years later over by the hallmark and now he is on main. cool!!!

          1. re: hickdolphin

            was that the tiny place that was tucked behind a store in a huge parking lot? i have vague memories of happy chow mein...

            1. re: dani_k

              You may be thinking of Eddie's over on Stratford. Kyogi in his current incarnation is down on Third at Tsunami Sushi. I ate there before their remodel (almost a year ago) and it was good. Chico's? Only if you mop the grease off the top. Dana's on Broadway can be a decent choice for lunch, it's not gourmet by any stretch, but it beats the chains. You might check out local farmer's markets as well. Moses Lake holds theirs on Saturday in the morning. Peaches, nectarines, plums, corn, peppers, tomatoes, and some of the best melon I've ever had are all in season now.

              1. re: mamapajama

                RIGHT. see, i think i was pretty young and just remember mom buying chinese food.
                i do, however, remember grease in association with Chico's. farmer's market would be great, but we won't be there on a saturday.

                i'm beginning to wonder if there are any chowhounds in longview!

        2. well, tendrils was fantastic! i was disappointed in the risotto, but everything else was splendidly beyond what you can typically get in grant county. had rock clams in green curry and crab cakes for appies, and then the tarragon chicken with chicken and mushroom risotto. chocolate rum pudding for dessert. service was perfect. my sister loved it and is already listing the people she needs to bring there. we sat outside and watched the sun set! so fun!

          nothing else we ate on the trip was really notable except the taco trucks, which i love! thanks for the suggestions!!!!