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Aug 16, 2008 02:47 PM

Essems Hot Dogs - where can I get them north o Boston?

We are having a hot dog blind tasting next weekend and I still need to add Essems. Anyone know where, I thought I had read somewhere but now can't find that thread. We all claim to know the best dog, so we're going to find out by doing a blind taste test - only I will know which is which. We have Jordan's, Ball park, Schonlands, Pearls, Fenway Franks, few others - still want Essems.

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  1. I think Stop & Shop between Wells and Kennebunk may have them.....and they also carry Shield's (made in Maine) brand.

    1. Market Basket. The one in Billerica, Treble Cove Plaza has them. You have to ask for them at the deli counter. We've also picked them up at MB in Andover.

      Yes'm, it's Essem!

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        Let us know the results of the taste test. Too bad you don't have access to Thumann's, a New Jersey dog. In my opinion the best German style beef and pork dog I've had. Just remember that in comparing a spicy, kosher style all beef frank to a milder German style beef and pork dog (with different spices) is sort of like comparing apples and oranges. Best's, another N.J. company makes my favorite all beef dog. Boars Head, which is probably available near you is one of the 3 or so best beef dogs I've sampled.

        Here in N.J. we just started to get Pearl franks. They are sold in a super Stop & Shop under their (Stop & Shop) label, but I found out that they are indeed Pearl. Excellent beef dog; my wife's favorite, and probably what I would pick out of the brands mentioned.

        Have fun and report back!

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          The Market basket in Burlington used to sell the Essem kielbasa, but haven't seen it for some time. It is far better than the Hillshire Farms brand they now carry. Do you know if the Billerica store carries it ??

        2. Hey Lexpatti - you should find Essems at most Market Basket/DeMoulas locations, also Haverhill Beef carries what they call 'natural casing' franks which is most likely Essems but you may want to ask to be sure. Essem hot dogs are pretty easy to find north of Boston. In fact, I passed a deli on River St. in Haverhill the other day that had a sign in the window - '2 Essems' as a lunch deal. Yum. Good luck.

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            there's a Deli on River Street????
            do tell.....

            1. re: ScubaSteve

              Actually, the name escapes me but it's the place across from the Mercedes dealer & the old DQ on River St., next to the car wash? Ramone's maybe? Can't recall, used to have decent Middle Eastern food, not sure anymore, just coming back into the area after a few years away. Off topic, I've heard that Barrett's on Merrimack St. is good for sandwiches. It's in the old Barrett's dept store spot, owned by someone from that family.

              1. re: kparke30

                JJ's Kabob and Pizzeria. it's not a deli by any stretch. they got some decent reviews for their falafel but on the one occasion i tried it it had hard little bits of chick peas which were kinda off-putting. plus the place hasn't been scrubbed in far too long. the Cops seem to like it though.

                as an aside there is a "Deli" going in the old (iirc) Boston Market on 125 near the Plaistow line, i think the sign says "Mark's NYC Deli". i know i'm going to be disappointed in what they're probably going to call a Deli but i'll be checking it out when it opens and post back.

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                  The new deli opening is called Ken's NY Deli.

                  1. re: Infomaniac

                    so do you think it will be a DiNO?
                    (Deli in Name Only)

                    1. re: ScubaSteve

                      DiNO....I like that one..

                      Like you, I'm hoping for something special.
                      I hope it's not like an A-1 Deli.

          2. Thanks all, guess all Mrk Bask or Shaws aren't created equal. I can easily stop today in Londonderry but mine in Lowell/Tewksbury doesn't carry Essems. And Shaws in Tilton doesn't either. We are pushing our test to labor day weekend - too much going on.

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              talk to the MB Deli Manager. i've found that if one MB has something it can be had at them all.

            2. Thanks all, found em at Market Basket in Londonderry - prob have them too in Tewksbury but never asked them at the deli (which is where they are). In fact, they aren't even out where you can see them, but big sign above selling kayam, schonloands and essems. Can't wait to do this taste test and report back. Good way to find out which you really love. We did this recently with grills - took the same burgers and cooked them on 3 different grills. One charcoal, two gas - Weber Silver Gas won by a 5 to 0. Charcoal came in second.

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              1. re: lexpatti

                "big sign above selling Kayem, Schonland and Essems."

                And I'm sure you're aware lexpatti, that they're all made by Kayem in their beautiful downtown Chelsea, Ma facility. They do claim, however, that they're using all the original unaltered recipes so it will be interesting to see your results.


                1. re: Harp00n

                  funny, I knew that kayem and schonland are owned by the same but didn't know essems. The big box at bjs of kayem say right no the package "original schonlands".

                  I think a sister is going to host a beverage taste test tooo - should be fun.

                  1. re: lexpatti

                    Kayem is taking hold of the Hot Dog market in New England.
                    In addition to acquiring Essem from Tyson Foods a few months ago, they also acquired from Tyson, Deutschmacher, Jordan's, Kirschner, Sunny Isle, Williams of Vermont and Tasty Bite.
                    Could be a big money maker if you can take a little piece of the pie.

                    1. re: Infomaniac

                      Kewl, I couldn't remember who bought Jordan's. Love their dogs, we had a hot dog stand for a couple years and always bought Jordan's - everyone loved them. We even did their knockwurst - fantastic - called em "fat boys" in honor of Bike Week. :-)