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Aug 16, 2008 02:37 PM

Dar Maghreb or Moun of Tunis?

I am looking for a fun place with at least reasonably good food for a (my) birthday celebration on a Sunday evening. We will be a party of 13 with ages ranging from 3 to 74. Two of my grandsons are teenagers so I am looking for a place where they won't be bored. I think that the little ones (ages 3 and five) will get a kick out of sitting on pillows and watching the entertainment. Of course, I want the parents of our five grandchildren to enjoy the experience as well. I've read that Dar Maghreb has new owners so I'm not sure how to evaluate the reviews.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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    1. I agree...Dar Maghreb. The food is superb and the belly dancers are fun

      1. Dar Maghreb, great room, eat with your hands, sit on pillows, good food, dancers...

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          I agree and only add that the ambiance is very nice and begins at the front door -- floor, walls and sky. The dinning areas are also very nice. I could live on that chicken pie thing....

        2. Moun of Tunis, for me. You get the pillows, the dancers, eating with hands, a nice pro-kid of all ages policy, a selection of pre-set "feasts", fabulous service and lots of fun!

          I love Moun of Tunis. Plus, they give KCRW Fringe Benefits members a nice discount!

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            We had to cancel our reservation there because our daughter was ill. I can't wait to reschedule our dinner there. I couldn't believe how nice they were when I had to cancel. I had left an apologetic message earlier in the day and the person who called me back said that he was doing so only because he didn't want me to feel bad! Thanks for pointing out the KCRW Fringe Benefits discount.

          2. Any suggestions if I'm looking for the great Moroccan food without the belly dancers? Great bastilla is even better!

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              Not sure if he has b'stilla, but Simon's Cafe in Sherman Oaks has amazing moroccan food sands dancers (sometimes live music-jazz or something)

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                Koutoubia, on Westwood Bv. between Olympic and Pico.