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Aug 16, 2008 01:54 PM

My New Favorite NY Style Pizza is Nonna!

I'm always on the lookout for NY style pizza in SoCal and found my new favorite - Nonna Pizzeria in South Pasadena. Ordered the extra large cheese pizza and took it to a friend's home nearby and we devoured it! The sauce and cheese were extremely flavorful and oregano was added just after it was taken out of the oven. The crust was very thin, tender and chewy, and slightly charred. Check out my photo below:

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  1. I agree with So Cal Foodie regarding Nonna Pizzeria in South Pasadena. It is now my favorite New York syle pizza. I live in the San Gabriel Valley and have no need to drive to the west side of town for an authentic New York thin pizza. I found it close to home at Nonna Pizzeria. They make other types of pizza, but ask for the New York Style cheese. The owner is Italian and was born in New York. There is no need for me to ever drive to Mulberry Street, Damianos, Larchmont Village Pizzeria, Vitos, Joe Peeps, Grecos, Tomato Pie, etc. Their New York style thin cheese pizza cannot beat Nonna. I hope that Nonna Pizzeria remains there in beautiful South Pasadena
    for a long time. It is directly across the street from Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain, where you can get a great old fashioned malt, or ice cream sundae.

    1. I'll second this too (in fact, I coincidentally did on a related thread just last week). Nonna's is my favorite for Pasadena/South Pasadena area. Better than Casa Bianca, Carmine's, Mama's Brick Oven and Manny's in my book.

      Haven't tried Petrillo's yet, but they're not as close enough no matter what. Everyone needs a local pizza place!

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        Jerry, Petrillos Pizza in San Gabriel is very good, but is a totally different pizza than New York style thin. I like both. But for discussion here, we are comparing only New York style thin cheese pizza. Now Casa Bianca, Petrillos, and Domenicos are the same type of medium thick pizzas that can be compared together for crust and taste.

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          Does Nonna's serve slices and can I eat there?

          1. re: HBfoodie

            Yes, they do have slices and have about 6 tables to sit and eat there. I ordered my pizza take out. If you order slices, make sure to have them warmed up in the oven for you.

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            FYI, I have not had but Petrillos makes a thin crust that is suppose to be very good.

        2. Dude. I ve eaten their pie several times and it's like, pardon the pun, Butter! It's the ingredients that make it sooooooo good. Only problem I have is it is a bit expensive but hey! You get what you pay for and they deliver!

          1. Stopped by Nonna today for a slice and the guy at the counter informed me they offer about 5-6 different slices daily. The cheese slice I ordered came right out of the oven and it was heavenly! I highly recommend this place for serious lovers of NY style pizza! Check out my cheese slice photo below:

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              Nice photo. It makes me want to drive there again tomorrow for lunch.

            2. You've got to try their garlic knots-they are so good!