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Aug 16, 2008 01:33 PM

Best downtown views restaurant?

My boyfriend and I are coming to Chicago and I was wondering if there are any good restaurants (quasi romantic) that have nice views of the downtown skyline? Rooftop restaurants etc? Many thanks!

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  1. I have not eaten there but I do not think you can beat the view form the signature room on the 95th floor of the Hancock building - I also ennjoy the patio at Smith and Wollensky's not so much skyline view but a nice riverview -

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I think I had heard about the restaurant in the Hancock building. We are really looking forward to the trip.

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        I have heard that the food at the Hancock is not so good. But you should definitely go and get a drink. Don't get in the obverstation line - go in the lounge line for the elevators. Check out the view from the ladies bathroom - spectacular!

        Also, CITE in Lake Point Towers recently got some good reviews for the food. Pegasus in Greek town has outdoor, roof-top seatings. You can only order apps but the apps can make for a nice meal. Get the saganki for sure.

    2. If you are looking for something outside the downtown area but looking towards the skyline try the Tasting Room on Randolph.

      1. Greektowns Pegasus has a nice rooftop area with a good view of the skyline.

        1. Another option is NoMi - ask for a table by the windows. It isn't a skyline view, but you will be looking down on Michigan Ave and the Water Tower park. I think it's really romantic, and the food/service are always top of the line.

          1. Good views from Kendall (Culinary) College's Dining Room. You get a 6-course dinner for something like $38 per person, prepared and served by culinary students. The one time I've been there, it was a fun experience, and the food was very tasty, though sometimes they lean a bit towards "experimental" dishes. Not unappetizing, just combos you might not expect- I seem to remember a dessert involving chocolate, basil and apricots. Didn't see it coming, but enjoyed it. You park down below and take the elevator to the top of the building- an elegant dining room when you get up there, but I was wondering if I was in the right place until I got off the elevator.

            Dining Room @ Kendall College
            900 N North Branch St, Chicago, IL

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              Yes, replying to myself... I looked on Kendall's website- I went to their "Monday Night Dining Series", which is $38 for a 5-course menu. The next one of these is on 8/25, not sure of later dates at the moment (nothing on their website- might be best to call). They are open other nights, and some days for lunch. I thought the Monday night thing was the most interesting offering.