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Aug 16, 2008 01:27 PM

September Dinner in Paris with Family

My fiancé and I are getting married in the Loire Valley in early September, and we have a couple of days in Paris together with our families at the beginning of the trip. Can anyone suggest a restaurant for us to have dinner at with a group of about 10 immediate family members? We are looking for a place that is delicious, friendly, and authentic without being too pricey. We don't want a place where the food or the service is distracting, just a place where we can linger over a long, lovely meal while our families get better acquainted.

Thanks in advance for you suggestions!


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  1. Le Troquet, Chez L'Ami Jean, La Regalade, L'os a Moelle, Au Fils Des Saisons - all reasonably priced with great food, and you can linger if you book a later seating. But, all are small, so book quickly for a large party.

    1. How much do you plan on spending per person?

      1. Hi, why not try Le Dauphin, 167 rue St.Honore, close to the Palais Royal.
        This is a smallish restaurant, service low-key but good.Food, especially desserts!!, have that home-cooked but superb taste.Prices reasonable, the perfect place to linger & the staff won't hassle you.
        For 10 people , book in advance,

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          Le Dauphin has been replaced by "Bis Repetita" . The place has also been renovated. Looks less cozy now. :o(

        2. Last fall, I had a wonderful 25th Anniversary dinner party at Le Gallopin - a brasserie on the Bourse on the Right Bank. Great atmosphere, a classic Parisian brasserie with true character and excellent food. We were a group of 14 and they treated us very well. Classy, but not at all snooty,not outrageously expensive and best of all, not touristy.