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Aug 16, 2008 12:34 PM

local seafood/fish restaurant in gainesville?

I visit my folks in Gainesville several times a year, and lately I've been looking for restaurants serving the local catch--either seafood or freshwater--and preferably whole. Given Hogtown's proximity to the Gulf, the Atlantic, and the St. John's River, you'd think this would be easy, but it's not!

I've been to the Northwest Grille and it's a fine restaurant, but their menu lists tilapia, Alaskan pollack, and salmon. Likewise Bonefish Grill (no bones there either--all fillets). Where are the seasonal shrimp, the mangrove snapper, and the local scallops? Northwest Seafood up on 16th has these items, and in my dream scenario, NW Grille would have a direct pipeline to NW Seafood. But the don't.

So...any recommendations for Gainesville or nearby? I don't care if it's fancy or a dive, as long as it's fresh!


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  1. Drive west to Cedar Key -- we've had locally caught grouper, snapper, smoked mullet, scallops and of course, their wonderful farm raised clams. We like the Island Room at Cedar Code (, and the restaurant at the Island Hotel (

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      sounds good. thanks for the tips!

    2. Executive Chef Bert Gill at Mildred's in Gainesville (on triangle between University Ave and SW 2 Ave at about SW 36 St) prides himself on using Florida ingredients and always has a nice fish dish on the menu. Same for Paramount Grill on SW 1 Ave and just east of Main Street downtown Gainesville.