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Aug 16, 2008 12:20 PM

Recommendations in and around Mystic,Ct

Ill be taking a "mini-vacation" from the 27th to the 30th. I am looking for good food that is moderately priced and NOT a tourist trap like mystic pizza.

Im also leery of places that were part of rachel ray's "$40 a day in mystic" of a few years ago,She mentioned Kitchen Little,Sea Swirl among other places and have been told that both have slipped in quality recently.

I also heard that Abbott's is not what it used to be.I told my gf that im sure theres better around.

Any suggestions,recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You should absolutely try Anthony J's. MrsR and I go there for lunch whenever we have the time for the 30-minute drive.


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      My wife and I and another couple had dinner recently at the Seaman's Inn located at the Mystic Seaport. We found it to be quite good, and the service was very good, polite and prompt. I have eaten there a few times over the last year and found the food to be good. And the prices are reasonable for the area. I would go back anytime. Hope this helps you. Earle Ct.

    2. We enjoyed a getaway to Mystic and really enjoyed the Water St. Cafe - very funky place with great creative adn fresh dishes. We loved Noah's too but not as casual and bit pricier. Both are in Stonington (next town over), great walking area.

      1. For breakfast and lunch I highly recommend Somewhere in Time....excellent omlettes, wraps and sandwiches. It's a little off the beaten path on Gold Star Highway....not in the center of Mystic but definitely worth the trip. SIT is only open for breakfast and lunch...closes at 2:15pm. Noah's in Stonington is probably your best bet for dinner. Make reservations now!

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          I'd also like to add four more places in the moderately priced category the OP is looking for. Seahorse in Noank has a number of fresh fish dishes (order the spinach fettucine with lobster) as well as beef choices and has excellent service. If you're looking for sushi, Singapore Grill and Sushi Bar in New London is quite good and Sonny, the owner/chef is a great host. Scott's Lobster Deck in New London does a great lobster roll (hot or cold) and has all the requisite fried seafood choices as well as Steamed whole lobster plates. Scott's is an outside seating place a la Abbott's. The view is not as good (marina on the harbor vs Abbott's water but the food is better IMHO. Cove Clam Shack in Stonington (nr the Mystic line) also has great lobster rolls and fried seafood but, alas, no view. Seating at the Cove is on picnic tables outside or inside if the weather is bad. Enjoy!

        2. I'd definately rec Anthony J's. Went there in the early spring and enjoyed a great sandwich... for lunch on a Saturday it was lovely.

          1. I second Anthony J's as well but you may also want to consider the Daniel Packer Inn (basement bar/pub area) or AZU - both of which are just across the Mystic bridge. For a slightly more expensive but delicious meal, I highly recommend Bravo Bravo.

            In the Stonington Borough, Water Street Cafe is always great. The mexican place across the street, Milago's, is very authentic and not your typical tex-mex place. The margaritas are fantastic and they do high quality food (e.g. guacamole with lump crab meat).

            Sea Swirl is fine for what it offers. It might be a good place for a quick outdoor lunch or an ice cream. Kitchen Little has been very inconsistent since the Rachel Ray show but there is a little place in Westerly that is funky and a good option - Van Ghent's.

            If you want a lobster dinner in a casual setting, Abbott's is pretty much all there is within reasonable driving distance. While their lobster salad sandwich and chowder are sometimes inconsistent, it is pretty hard to mess up lobster and steamers so bring along a bottle of wine, get the lobster and enjoy the great view.